Revenge season finale recap: Truth Hurts

A regular cast member meets doom and a giant secret is revealed in the season 2 finale
Ep. 21 | Aired May 12, 2013

ABSOLUTE POWER The so-called skeletons in Conrad's closet became quite literal as he closed out his campaign for governor. 

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Emily fights her way into Grayson Global through the smoke and flames in an attempt to save Jack, while Conrad uses the bombing to his full advantage, calling for volunteers to help with the wreckage. (The act is caught on live TV, obviously. What a coincidence that Conrad’s campaign headquarters were right across the street!) Aiden hears about Emily going into Grayson Global and decides to come rescue her despite the fact that he’s essentially America’s (or at least New York’s) most wanted man. Inside the building, Emily hears a moan, but she’s pulled away by firemen before we can see who’s under all the rubble.

Nolan’s tracking Jack’s phone to see if he was in Grayson Global for the explosion. His phone turns out to be… 10 feet away, in Nolan’s doorway. “How the hell’d you know that building was going to explode?” Jack demands. Nolan tells Jack that he stumbled onto the whole plot. Jack notes that he was supposed to meet Ashley, suspecting that she was working with the Graysons all along. He storms off to find Conrad in spite of Nolan’s pleas: “If you go anywhere near him, he will finish the job.” Outside, we finally learn the identity of who was in the building: Declan.

“What were you doing in there?” Daniel asks, seeing his fiancée hurried out of Grayson Global. “Looking for you,” Emily replies smoothly. Nice save, Ems. She calls Nolan, who reveals that Jack is fine, but out for blood. At Conrad’s campaign headquarters, Jack grabs Ashley. “I know you set me up,” he accuses her. “I didn’t text you,” she insists, claiming that Victoria must have told Conrad. He believes her.

Jack meets up with Nolan once again to tell him that Ashley wasn’t behind his attempted murder. Nolan tentatively believes him, but they’re interrupted by a call from the woman in question: Declan’s in the hospital. Jack rushes off, and Nolan phones up Emily, worried that Jack is walking into a trap. “He won’t,” she assures him.

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