Revenge season finale recap: Truth Hurts

A regular cast member meets doom and a giant secret is revealed in the season 2 finale
Ep. 21 | Aired May 12, 2013

ABSOLUTE POWER The so-called skeletons in Conrad's closet became quite literal as he closed out his campaign for governor. 

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A man named Porter is trying to sneak into Conrad’s campaign headquarters. Alas, it’s not Jack, but just Declan. Conrad’s happy to host the boy as long as he’s legal to vote. Victoria comes up and wryly notes that there are a variety of activities that Declan is legal to participate in other than voting. He has no idea what she’s talking about, so she cuts to the chase, revealing that Charlotte is pregnant and that if Declan ever so much as comes near her again, his “ability to procreate will be nothing but a distant memory.” Meanwhile, Conrad puts his newfound spy skills to use by using Ashley’s phone to text Jack to meet “her” with the laptop at Grayson Global. A regular 007, that one.

Aiden’s prepared to fall on his own sword (no pun intended, Takeda!) and accept the blame for Carrion. Nolan tells him not to worry, that they’ll sort it all out, including finding Takeda’s killer. Well, Nolan doesn’t have to look far. Aiden admits that he laid his mentor to rest, insisting that he did it for Emily. “I was such a fool to think that Emily would walk away from her revenge,” he says. “She did it once,” Nolan counters. Oops. But Aiden won’t let it go. See all this time, it’s Daniel Aiden’s been worried about, but really Jack is the only one who has any hold over Emily’s heart.

Charlotte may have been fooled by Regina at the outset, but a phone call from Declan sets it all right. “She’s in love with you,” he reveals, adding that Victoria told him about the baby (let’s remember that at this point Charlotte hadn’t even told Victoria). “I think it’s great,” says Declan before his phone cuts out. Charlotte sides with Declan and kicks Regina to the curb (despite the fact that she was willing to raise a baby with her!).

Nolan’s busy running a trace on Takeda’s mystery man when Emily bursts in, shouting that she saw him at Grayson Global. Jack conveniently calls Nolan then to tell him that he’s about to get his hands on Conrad’s computer, which of course baffles Emily since she knows that that computer is at the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately, the call drops before Nolan can say anything. The trace completes itself, revealing the man in the photo to be Gregor Hoffman, a trained assassin. If he was the one who gained access to servers, Jack can only be walking into a trap. Nolan and Emily try frantically to call Jack, but he doesn’t pick up.

It’s finally time for Conrad’s speech. He drones on about bonds that can’t be severed, yada, yada, yada, catching sight of Gregor the assassin and giving him a discrete nod. So the assassin is working for Conrad? Phones across the room (and city) vibrate with a text that reads “Long live David Clarke” (very Sherlock) and then… BOOM! The top floor of Grayson Global blows out, presumably with Jack inside. And that’s the end of the first hour. Of course, if you’ve been paying attention to the promos, you know that can’t be our death. And it isn’t.

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