Revenge season finale recap: Truth Hurts

A regular cast member meets doom and a giant secret is revealed in the season 2 finale
Ep. 21 | Aired May 12, 2013

ABSOLUTE POWER The so-called skeletons in Conrad's closet became quite literal as he closed out his campaign for governor. 

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Nolan and Emily go to seek Takeda’s counsel. Unfortunately, he’s dead. No one does tears like Emily VanCamp, huh? As she cries over Takeda’s body, she flashes back to the past. Takeda grills her on her father, who he deems a “bad man. Because of him, many people died.” Of course, he’s just trying to goad Emily into fighting with him, which she does. Takeda pins her, proud of the anger she’s shown. She just needs to learn to balance it with patience. “I just want people to pay,” Emily says softly. Back in the present day, she tells Nolan that whoever did this removed his body out of respect. Of course, she doesn’t suspect Aiden for a second. Instead, she finds Takeda’s own revenge box, complete with two photos: one of a woman, the other a hot guy circled in black Sharpie. (He’s even got his own Sharpie!) Emily suspects that it’s this man who’s behind Takeda’s death and that Aiden (or she) could be next.

While Victoria is trashing Conrad’s secret files, she spies a pregnancy test. And her reaction shot alone takes the cake: She just rolls her eyes. Over at Conrad’s campaign headquarters, Regina throws Declan under the bus. She blames her bruises on Declan, then accuses him of stealing the money they were going to use to make Charlotte’s bail (which Regina planted in his pocket). It’s cold, but it succeeds. Charlotte sends Declan away. But there’s still the little fact that she’s not a lesbian, Regina. Sorry.

Victoria pays Daniel a visit at Grayson Global (because of course he’s there, despite his father’s wishes). Turns out she thinks it’s Emily who’s the pregnant one. That would explain their quick nuptials. “The test wasn’t hers,” Daniel insists. Victoria catches sight of a picture of Charlotte and the realization blooms over her face. “Oh dear god.”

The press is hoping to move up Conrad’s speech, according to Ashley. Conrad refuses, but oh-so-casually adds not to tell Jack about the speech time. Ash is, of course, shocked, but agrees -- and then immediately texts Jack about it, a text Conrad witnesses, confirming Victoria’s accusation. Jack tries to call Ashley when he sees she’s texted him, but in spite of having the power back, cell service is still wonky. No matter. He has the Amanda Clarke file to keep him busy. There, he discovers she recently paid a visit to Japan. How odd…

Takeda was murdered, Emily reveals to Aiden. “Thank god you’re okay,” she says as she hugs him. Emily then pulls out the photo of the mystery man and shows her suspect to Aiden, but he couldn’t care less. “Come away with me,” he pleads. It’s that plea that outs him. She knows he killed Takeda and her immediate reaction is to pin him against the wall (go Ems!). But Aiden’s got one heck of a bombshell: Turns out Takeda had his own revenge ploy going. His fiancée was on Flight 197. She took the jump seat and was never listed among the dead. “Takeda trained you as a soldier for his war, not yours,” Aiden says. And he knew all along.

Again, Conrad tries to convince Daniel to leave Grayson Global, but Daniel wants to wait till the servers are up so he can turn Aiden in. Conrad demands Daniel’s presence at his speech and since Emily picks that moment to show up, she’s invited along too. It’s fortunate, really. Because turns out the guy who’s working on the servers is actually the man from Takeda’s photo.

NEXT: Declan gets along so well with his in-laws. And a death?

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