Revenge season finale recap: Truth Hurts

A regular cast member meets doom and a giant secret is revealed in the season 2 finale
Ep. 21 | Aired May 12, 2013

ABSOLUTE POWER The so-called skeletons in Conrad's closet became quite literal as he closed out his campaign for governor. 

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Regina and Declan are trapped in a bank, thanks to Plexiglas. (Declan makes an admirable attempt at breaking it and only succeeds in bruising his hand.) The two have a heart-to-heart in which Regina wonders what Charlotte sees in Declan. She gets the whole forbidden fruit thing, but Declan is “particularly low-hanging.” How about them apples?

At the Graysons’, Victoria hides a file on Jack before he can see it. Hmm. If you ever thought that Victoria was potentially on Jack’s side, this is proof that she is definitely not. So what is she up to? Jack finds another file -- this one on Amanda Clarke. Victoria confesses that she was the one who pulled it and offers it to Jack. Alas, it’s all he finds in Conrad’s office. But the lack of laptop will not deter Jack: He plans to release the Nate tape to the press. Here’s the real problem with Jack’s revenge when compared to Emily’s: He doesn’t have the patience. That tape by itself is simply not enough to do any real damage to Conrad.

Emily wants to figure out a way to protect Aiden’s good name. Unfortunately the Fa1c0n has covered her tracks (complete with fabulous graphics and all). Nolan can’t do much to clear Aiden, but he can try to monitor the feds’ activities so Aiden stays one step ahead of them. I have to say, I’m not sure any local feds can do much without the power…

Eureka! Declan has solved one of the season’s major mysteries: Regina likes Charlotte! She like likes her. The moment he announces this, the power comes back on. But Regina can’t just let Declan leave, so she plants the bail money they’ve assembled on him. Daniel and Charlotte have finally made it to Conrad’s campaign headquarters after “three hours.” Did it actually take that long? But forget that, line of the night goes to Conrad: “Haven’t I always said my children can light up a room?” (Get it? 'Cause the power came back on? Har dee har har.) Conrad tells Daniel to shut down Grayson Global, then be back by 4 p.m. to be in front of cameras “where he belongs.” But Daniel can’t let a sleeping dog lie. He needs to make sure Aiden’s the patsy for the Initiative’s Carrion ploy.

Conrad flies back to the Hamptons to pick up Victoria for his afternoon speech. It’s then we get confirmation of her motivations. She tells him that Jack knows what happened to Amanda and that he’s determined to find the computer, which he believes Conrad took. Of course, Conrad knows that computer’s gone. V adds that Jack is going to sabotage the press conference with the Nate tape, so Conrad’s solution is to use Ashley to keep him out. Victoria shakes her head. “She’s in it with him, you fool.”

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