Revenge recap: Rules of Engagement

Emily and Daniel celebrate their engagement, while Aiden and Nolan plot to take the Graysons down
Ep. 20 | Aired May 5, 2013

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK Emily and Nolan relax on her porch before all hell breaks loose.

Danny Feld/ABC

It’s quite the night for porch meet-and-greets. Jack corners Emily as she comes back from her showdown with Takeda. “You’re really going to marry Daniel?” asks Jack. “What’s different this time around?” Emily admits that she tried to tell him that she initially broke off her engagement because of him, but Amanda showed up at precisely the wrong time. Suddenly he had a whole new life -- and no place for her in it. Emily promises that one day she’ll explain everything, but that’s just not enough for Jack right now.

Next up is Nolan: He updates Emily on the Fa1c0n’s riddle, admitting that he has no idea how to solve it. And the clock is ticking. Emily tells Nolan that the Initiative’s plan is imminent, according to Takeda. But Nolan knows that the program can’t work without the Fa1c0n. Daniel interrupts their strategy sesh to inform Ems that he’s got to go bail Charlotte out of jail before his parents find out she was arrested. “The last thing she needs is a lecture from those two model citizens.” Honestly, the girl’s a chip off the old block. At this point, basically the entire family’s been arrested. It’s almost a point of pride. Emily tosses off a line about how Nolan must know who she’s I’m fighting for (Aiden, not Daniel), and you can see the light bulb go on over Nolan’s head. The answer to the riddle, natch: It’s in Street Fighter, the arcade game the Fa1c0n challenged Nolan to. Eureka! He phones Aiden, but the Brit is otherwise occupied… And here’s where this episode started to get seriously insane (and by insane, I mean insanely good): Takeda challenges Aiden to a Kill Bill-worthy showdown. And though it looked for all the world as though Aiden was going to die, it’s Takeda who meets the business end of a katana. That’s right: Takeda is dead!

But wait! This isn’t even the episode’s biggest reveal. Daniel goes to pick up Charlotte in jail, only to learn that all of her lashing out is because she doesn’t want to bring someone else into her family to hurt. Wait a second… “Daniel, I’m pregnant,” she confesses. I actually screamed at my TV at that moment.

Victoria visits Jack at the Stowaway -- and despite all Emily’s warnings, Jack still agrees to team up with her to destroy his gubernatorial campaign. What he doesn’t know is that it’s actually being governor that will do the worst damage, as we learned from Alison earlier on. So what’s V up to?

Never mind that, though: It was the episode’s finale that was the real kicker. First, having secured the Fa1c0n’s code from Street Fighter, Nolan hacks into the Graysons' bank accounts using Carrion. Emily walks in on him and Aiden just a second too late. “Aiden, we’re not ready for this,” she warns, but Aiden empties the Graysons’ accounts anyway, likely to due the murderous adrenaline coursing through his veins. And then… the power goes out. All across New York. Shame on you, Nolan. The Fa1c0n just played you like a fiddle. By imputing her code, he accidentally activated the Initiative’s plan. As Will Smith in Independence Day would say: Oops.

Whew, that was a heck an episode, amiright? And we’re not even at the finale yet! What are your thoughts on Takeda’s death? Charlotte’s pregnancy? The Graysons’ bankruptcy? The Initiative’s plan? Any predictions for next week’s two-hour finale? Share below!

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