Revenge recap: Rules of Engagement

Emily and Daniel celebrate their engagement, while Aiden and Nolan plot to take the Graysons down
Ep. 20 | Aired May 5, 2013

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK Emily and Nolan relax on her porch before all hell breaks loose.

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Freshly fired, Aiden visits Nolan. He’s ready to put a stop to Emily’s revenge games. His solution? Bankrupt the Graysons. Alas, their bank accounts are unhackable thanks to the Fa1c0n. So Nolan goes to pay Edith a visit. He makes a deal with her: If she helps him track down the lost Grayson son, he’ll help free her. But there’s no son to track down, according to the Fa1c0n. Victoria had her henchmen pay Patrick $5 million to disappear years ago. “She’s playing you,” Edith declares. Still, there’s the small matter of Carrion. The Fa1c0n reveals that she planted a code in the program, meaning it can’t function without it. So either way, she’s getting out of jail. It’s just a matter of whether it’s Nolan or the Initiative who spring her. But since she likes Nolan, she leaves him with a parting riddle, like any good master villain. If he can solve it, he’ll have her secret code.

Jack meets up Conrad at his campaign headquarters, but he’s really looking for Ashley. He wants to know if he really was the reason behind Emily and Daniel’s first breakup. Let’s pause for a second here. How does Jack not believe he is at least in some way responsible? It doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, Ashley takes this time to admit that she was the one who spilled the beans about the Jack/Emily kiss. “She always seems to get what she wants,” Ash adds petulantly. “People like them always do.” “Not him, not this time,” Jack says, looking at Conrad.

Bit of a dull engagement party, huh? Then again, how could it possibly compare to last year's? Victoria does get MVP for delivering a surprisingly sweet toast, which started with this ace line: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” She pulls Emily aside for a heart-to-heart, but Ems is holding all the cards. They’re moving to Paris, whether Victoria likes it or not. “You’ll make a terrific grandmother, Victoria,” she says. “We’ll put a picture up, so they can see.”

Charlotte can’t hold her alcohol. Thankfully, Declan’s trolling the streets of NYC like Kick-Ass. “Stalker,” whispers Regina, while trying to hurry Charlotte away. Of course, Charlotte has to stop to vomit, a moment that is captured in all its glory by the various photogs trailing her. Declan tries to shield her, but it’s no good. She’s spotted by a cop, who takes her in thanks to her bigwig last name. That’ll be good for Conrad’s campaign. (Also, was I the only one who half-expected her to protest that her last name is Clarke?)

Daniel, charmer that he is, takes time out of his engagement party to tell Emily that he fired Aiden. Ems can’t understand it: Aiden was supposed to be the fall guy in Daniel’s attempt to free himself from the Initiative. But Daniel couldn’t ignore the file that Takeda provided him with. You can see Emily didn’t expect that. Luckily, Takeda’s in attendance, allowing Emily to confront him about his uncharacteristic behavior. “How could you do this?” she asks. “The boy has put you at risk,” he answers simply, before revealing that the Initiative is set to strike, and soon. And only he can stop it. Methinks Takeda’s channeling Ra’s al Ghul just a little too heavily.

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