Revenge recap: Rules of Engagement

Emily and Daniel celebrate their engagement, while Aiden and Nolan plot to take the Graysons down
Ep. 20 | Aired May 5, 2013

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK Emily and Nolan relax on her porch before all hell breaks loose.

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For some reason or another, Takeda handed over Aiden’s employment records to Daniel, records that of course revealed that Aiden is the son of Trevor Mathis, a certain nefarious (well, not by his own design) baggage handler. Daniel fires Aiden on the spot, putting a damper in all of his best-laid plans.

Ashley is back in Conrad’s good graces after some well-placed blackmail. But Jack wants to get more out of the photo, so Ash suggests showing it to Victoria. Drama! Meanwhile, Emily visits Charlotte to ask her to be her maid of honor -- and also lecture her a bit on the girl-on-girl public display thing. “What were you thinking?” Ems asks. That’s the problem, Charlotte wasn’t thinking. She just didn’t want to feel at all. Thankfully, her new BFFL Regina shows up to comfort her following the reproving onslaught from Emily.

Downstairs, Victoria’s reading the post, i.e. the hundreds of letters from her long-lost sons. Emily walks in on her, prompting V to declare that an extravagant ring “doesn’t give her permission to flit in and out of the house.” And yet, Emily’s got a perfectly legit excuse for being there. But she forgets her battle with Victoria when Jack comes in. He’s meeting with the evil queen and Ems can’t believe it. Conrad’s one thing. Victoria? That’s a whole 'nother kind of bad. What she doesn’t know is that he’s there to show Victoria the pic of Nan Flanagan (for those of you who don’t watch True Blood, I am truly sorry, but I can think of Jessica Tuck as no other character). Victoria isn’t even fazed. She immediately reveals that Ems and Daniel are engaged -- again. And, to top it all off, she adds that Jack’s probably not invited to their engagement party seeing that he was the reason they broke it off in the first place, a fact he was not aware of. Ouch.

Regina and Charlotte are heading off for a little retail therapy. “Promise not to make anymore headlines,” calls Daniel after them. “This year, try not to shoot anyone,” Charlotte replies, re: Daniel and Emily’s Engagement Party: The Sequel. Meanwhile, Victoria goes to visit Alison (Nan!). “Were you expecting your husband… or mine?” she asks when the governor’s wife answers the door. Guess she wasn’t as unaffected by the photograph after all. Alison vows she has no interest in Conrad. Instead, she’s sabotaging her husband’s campaign by feeding Conrad information. Why oh why would she be doing this? The governor has a degenerative heart condition. Alison wants him out of office before the job kills him. “If Conrad wins, limit him to one term…. This job is practically a death sentence,” Alison counsels Victoria, who’s basically wearing a thought bubble that reads “score.”

NEXT: Emily and Daniel celebrate their engagement. Again.

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