Revenge recap: The Man in the Iron Mask

Jack finds a new ally, Emily loses hers, and Victoria shows her tender side
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 31, 2013

FIFTY SHADES DARKER After a rough spell, the power couple is back on.

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The next morning, Victoria awakes to find Conrad working from home. “I wanted to be here for you, my dear,” he says, offering her some tea. “You may need your strength while explaining what happened.” He suspects she lied about having the pregnancy terminated (she did), but she insists she has the proof to back her story up and promises she’ll produce it. Let’s take a moment to notice that what Conrad’s actually concerned about is the effect this revelation will have on his campaign. He couldn’t care less that his wife has another child outside of that.

Aiden’s heartbroken because he didn’t hear from Emily all night. He assumed she was with Daniel, though she says she was talking to Nolan. “I hate that it has to be this way,” she tells him, referring to her faux-relationship with Daniel. “I’m not jealous, Emily,” he replies. “I’m disgusted.” Emily warns him that Daniel is looking into him thanks to something Trask said, but Aiden doesn’t really care. He heads to New York. Separately. Is that it for them? Seems like an anti-climactic ending for these too.

Ashley visits Jack, who offers to make her a part of his revenge team. “I heard the way Conrad talked to you at the party,” he says. She agrees, but only after insisting she wasn’t involved in Amanda’s death. “You wouldn’t be standing here if you were.” Back at Nolcorp, Nolan’s tearing apart his crazy den, only to be walked in on by the inspector investigating Padma’s disappearance. Whoops. It’s incriminating to say the least, and added to the fact that Padma died only yesterday, it’s downright damning.

Victoria’s off to find her proof for Conrad (or to fake that proof). She visits a church, where she meets with the nun who took her son all those years ago. Again, she looks almost happy hearing about her forsaken child. Certainly the boy has had a better life than she has. “Thank you, sister,” she tells the nun. “For everything.” Victoria gets up to leave and her spot is taken by Emily, who asks the sister for help: “I’m pregnant. I’ve got nowhere else to go.” Talk about déjà vu.

Was it just me, or did this week’s episode feel messy? Maybe it was the bizarre six-week time jump, but the whole thing was rushed: In one fell swoop Aiden and Emily's relationship ended, Padma died, Nolan became a murder suspect, Jack teamed up with Ashley...on and on and on. And who knows what happened with Carrion and the Initiative? I’d have had more appreciation for this episode if I felt like the writers were wrapping up bad plotlines, but I can’t help but think that the Initiative and perhaps even Padma will be back in the near future. And let’s just say that doesn’t exactly thrill me. What were your thoughts?

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