Revenge recap: The Man in the Iron Mask

Jack finds a new ally, Emily loses hers, and Victoria shows her tender side
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 31, 2013

FIFTY SHADES DARKER After a rough spell, the power couple is back on.

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Is there a good time tell your friend that the love of his life is dead? Probably not, but there’s got to be one better than at the Graysons’ masquerade. That doesn’t stop Aiden, though, who drops the bombshell on Nolan in the middle of the festivities. He takes off in tears, followed by Emily. “She got dragged into this because of me,” he weeps, blaming Emily as well. “I’m sorry,” she says, because what else is there to say? Nolan insists she head back to the party, but for once she’s more focused on him than on revenge: “I’m not leaving you alone Nolan.” In the end, however, he just wants be alone, and she lets him be.

Charlotte stumbles across some mean party guests making fun of Amanda and her slutty ways. So what does she do? Throw a punch. Day-um, girl. Emily makes her way back to Aiden, who’s heard that she’s reunited with Daniel -- and is less than thrilled. Aiden knows that it was Daniel who planted that photo on Page Six as a way of solidifying his and Ems’ relationship status. Emily realizes this too, but of course it’s in her interests to be back with Danny Boy.

“I heard Charlotte hit someone,” Victoria tells Jack in passing. Parenting 101, everyone. She thanks Jack for his help on the campaign, adding that it will be a victory for his late wife if Conrad pursues the clearing of David Clarke’s name. “There’s no victory for Amanda,” he answers. She is, after all, dead (or his version of Amanda is, at least).

So he wasn’t wearing an iron mask, but for those of you who’ve seen it, did this next scene not play out just like The Man in the Iron Mask? I laughed audibly when the white and black masked guy showed up, complete with a black rose in his lapel. Poor Victoria never stood a chance, though I didn’t expect her to pass out.

NEXT: Victoria reminds us why we like to root for her.

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