Revenge recap: The Man in the Iron Mask

Jack finds a new ally, Emily loses hers, and Victoria shows her tender side
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 31, 2013

FIFTY SHADES DARKER After a rough spell, the power couple is back on.

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Trask leads Aiden to Padma… Or what’s left of her, that is. She was kept alive for six weeks, only to be killed today. Seems rather odd, and I have to admit, I’m suspicious. What were they doing with her for those six weeks? Aiden wonders the same thing, but Trask refuses to answer, instead informing him of the motion-detector system that will send a call out to the cops should Aiden activate it by shooting him. Aiden elects to snap Trask’s neck instead (which alerts the police anyways).

“Leave your identities at the door… Let the masquerade commence,” Victoria greets her guests. As she and Conrad descend the stairs, he asks her if his mask projects likeability. “More so than the man behind it,” she answers cheerfully before catching sight of Emily. Victoria confronts her: “Is it possible I wasn’t clear when I spoke with you?” But Emily’s back with Daniel, guaranteeing her an invite to any and all Grayson events.

After hearing of Conrad’s promise to grant a pardon to David Clarke, Emily wryly notes to Nolan that Conrad Grayson just got her vote. And it’s all thanks to Nolan for planting that unauthorized question at the Q&A. The Porter brothers stroll over, looking mighty fine. “Who knew the Porter brothers could pull off masks?” Ems asks. “That’s exactly what I want to do,” Declan replies. “Pull this thing off.” He takes his teenage hormones elsewhere, leaving Emily to speak to Jack, who, after six weeks of the silent treatment, actually speaks back to her.

After the debacle at the Q&A (which included Jack playing a fragment of one of Nate Ryan’s tapes), Ashley is in the doghouse. The minute Conrad makes it to the governor’s office, he plans to jettison Ash and not look back. He should think twice -- she’s mainly the reason he’ll make it there in the first place. One of Victoria’s prospects for Daniel stops by for a chat with the dragon lady, lamenting that Danny is “back on the arm of the ice queen.” This is the first Victoria’s heard about it, but the proof is on Page Six, which features a shot of the two of them dining together. She’s dismayed, but unfortunately her son isn’t as stupid as she’d like to think. He figured out that she -- and not the Initiative -- was behind the particular image in question. Daniel’s even so kind as to return the bullets.

NEXT: Aiden could use a lesson in tact.

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