Revenge recap: The Man in the Iron Mask

Jack finds a new ally, Emily loses hers, and Victoria shows her tender side
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 31, 2013

FIFTY SHADES DARKER After a rough spell, the power couple is back on.

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Aiden informs Daniel of his shoddy investments, which, of course, scares the crap out of him. But Trask doesn’t care. “My colleague got ahead of himself,” Daniel insists to the weaselly Initiative member. However, the Initiative has decided to liquidate their assets in Grayson Global as a part of “phase two” (I’m assuming this has nothing to do with Marvel and everything to do with Carrion), so all Aiden’s done is give the organization a head start. If only that were the end of them. But we’re not that lucky. Daniel phones Emily, excited. “It was all for your protection,” he says, attempting to explain his six-week absence before inviting her to his mother’s masquerade ball. Emily’s uncertain: she tried to wrangle an invitation earlier, but Victoria unceremoniously turned her down. “I guess we’re lucky her disapproval will be stuffed behind a mask.”

Nolan finally leaves his fanatical abode to visit Jack, who needs his help getting his revenge on Conrad at the town hall Q&A. Side note: I was glad to see he showered somewhere in there. Nolan’s just not Nolan when he’s not showered. Elsewhere, Victoria tries to comfort a depressed Charlotte, but she’s got other things on her mind. Like the bouquet of black roses missing a twelfth bloom so she can recognize her son at the masked ball. Ems, you are so delightfully creepy.

Trask leaves Grayson Global only to find Aiden in his back seat. With a gun to his head, Trask is forced to take Aiden to Padma. Meanwhile, at the town hall Q&A, Conrad consoles a woman whose mother has Alzheimer’s. He’s actually surprisingly convincing, but that could be because he rehearsed all his answers in advance. Too bad a question about David Clarke manages to get through. And yet, shocked as he is, Conrad handles himself with aplomb, promising to re-open his case and “secure a presidential pardon” for Amanda’s ill-fated father. I wouldn’t have gone that far, but the poor man was under pressure.

Conrad returns home to confront Victoria about all the postage she’s been receiving. “From your loving son,” he reads, retrieving the card for the roses from the trash. “Well, we can be certain that’s not Daniel.” Zing! Victoria reveals that she was indeed pregnant when she was a teenager (thanks to her mother's lovely boyfriend), but insists that she terminated the child. “I try to keep the ghosts out,” she tells Conrad. “They always force their way back in.”

NEXT: A death!

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