Revenge recap: Burning Love

Eli and Emily team up to take down their abusive foster mother and a giant secret is revealed!
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 24, 2013

DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS Victoria and Mrs. Hayward size each other up while Eli and Emily look on.

Vivian Zink/ABC

Mrs. Hayward leaves the press conference in disgrace, only to receive a visit from Eli. “It’s too bad Amanda died before she could find out what you did to her,” she says. But of course Amanda's alive and well. And Eli knows just what he can do to make things right. Meanwhile, Emily feels like she failed Nolan. “They have been ahead of us every step of the way,” he complains. “I will help you save her. I give you my word,” Emily replies.

The next morning, Emily sits on her couch, red Sharpie (!!!) in hand, as she draws an X through Mrs. Hayward’s face. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Eli, come to tell Emily about the fate of Hayward (she’s alive) and the letters (they’ve been sold). Hmm, I wonder who would want to buy David Clarke’s letters to his daughter? “You think you’ll ever forgive me?” asks Eli. Ems is not sure, but her thank you seems pardon enough.

Jack visits the Graysons. Turns out, he wants to be a part of Conrad’s campaign trail. Poor Ashley -- if she thinks she’s got damage control to do now, wait 'til Jack is finished with Conrad. Elsewhere, Nolan is tracking a text he received from the Initiative. Problem is, it’s got Fa1c0n’s mark all over it too. The hacker’s not only working for the Graysons, he’s also thrown in his lot with the Initiative.

Daniel calls Emily wanting to set up a dinner date, but thinks twice when he receives an urgent envelope from his assistant. Inside, there’s a picture of Ems and Daniel enjoying their not-so-secret lunch in New Haven. Oh, and two bullets. The message is clear. Daniel immediately cancels on Emily, citing a previous engagement. But it’s not the Initiative behind this one. No, this is all Victoria and her jewelry drawer full of bullets.

Emily tracks down the letter buyer and pays him a visit in jail. Oh Mason Treadwell, how I have missed thee. But the letters are gone; they burned along with the rest of Mason’s possessions. He did read them, however. “One of them was so revealing I suspected it might even blow your mind,” he teases Ems. Were you ready for this bombshell, readers? Victoria…has another son. “I imagine you’ll exploit this fresh little morsel with your usual flair,” Mason tells Emily, whose Cheshire Cat-worthy grin promises hell to come. Once again, I’m not sure we need another character, but I have to admit my interest is piqued. So who should play Victoria’s other son? (If we haven’t already met him, that is…) Sound off below!

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