Revenge recap: Burning Love

Eli and Emily team up to take down their abusive foster mother and a giant secret is revealed!
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 24, 2013

DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS Victoria and Mrs. Hayward size each other up while Eli and Emily look on.

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Daniel and Emily meet for lunch in New Haven -- he wants to make sure she’s safe. “It’s a huge relief being able to confide in you again,” he tells her. But they’re interrupted before he can say much more. The Carrion drop-off has been moved up. Alas, Ems is out in Connecticut -- there’s no way she’ll make it back in time. “We cannot do this without Emily,” says Nolan. “We have no choice,” Aiden shoots back. The two head to the meeting, setting themselves up on a rooftop across from the alley where the drop-off will take place. Nolan’s breathing makes it a little difficult for Aiden to focus as he preps his sniper rifle. “I’m sorry to bother you, Lee Harvey,” Nolan shoots back. But he should’ve taken the situation more seriously: Trask is onto them. He takes the flash drive from Padma, then throws her in the trunk and drives away. “What have we done?” asks Nolan. He tries to track the GPS, but can’t get a lock on it. Meanwhile, poor Padma is taken to a sterile room outfitted with only a camera. “There’s one more thing I must ask of you,” says Trask, sitting her in front of the camera.

Kenny Ryan is doing just what any no-good villain would do: watching Trey play rugby at school. Jack shows up, having lured Kenny there to confront him. But Kenny’s not having it: “I don’t own a boat. And I didn’t rescue you,” he says. Jack seems to accept this, though he suspects Kenny knows more than he’s saying. He’s right: Nate taped his meetings with Conrad. “I want those recordings,” says Jack. Kenny hands them over, giving Jack the proof he needs to pin the attack on Conrad.

At the Stowaway, the ACF is hosting its press conference to present Mrs. Hayward with her check. But Eli’s got other ideas. The minute he takes the podium, he turns on Mrs. H, revealing that his time at the Hayward House was some of the “darkest days of [his] life.” Mrs. Hayward tries to deny the accusations while Victoria and Conrad look on, horrified. But Eli’s come prepared. The crowd is full of old faces from the Hayward House willing to testify to the violence and emotional abuse they received at the hands of Mrs. Hayward. She won’t go down without a fight, though, revealing that it was actually Eli who set fire to the house, not Emily. Her match flamed out before the fire ever caught. Again, Ems can’t help but think of all the ways her life would have been different had she not been responsible for the fire. “Do you have any idea what lighting that fire did?” she asks Eli. Victoria’s just as mad: “You told me that this woman was a worthy cause.” Eli tries to convince her that she can spin this revelation in her favor, but V’s not having it. She ousts him from his position as co-chair. Should’ve just gone with Emily, huh?

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