Revenge recap: Burning Love

Eli and Emily team up to take down their abusive foster mother and a giant secret is revealed!
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 24, 2013

DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS Victoria and Mrs. Hayward size each other up while Eli and Emily look on.

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Charlotte finds Declan creeping on the school’s rugby players from afar and doesn’t bat an eye. That’s totally normal, Charlotte! Anyways, she wants to use the Stowaway to announce the ACF’s partnership with the Hayward House. Declan reluctantly agrees and she pecks him on the cheek. What is going on with this pair's romance? “I’m going to call Eli and tell him the good news,” says Charlotte. Seriously, something is not right. She prances off, leaving Declan to body-check Trey (whom he was scoping out on the rugby field) and steal his phone and, by extension, Kenny Ryan’s number. Smooth, Declan. I’ll just call you 007 from now on.

Padma wants no part of the run-and-hide scheme. “I can’t fly off somewhere and live the rest of my life without you,” she tells Nolan. Okay, I know you’re in love, but they’ve known each other all of what? A summer, maybe? You will move on, Padma, I promise you.

Eli and Emily visit the Hayward House, where they meet a very different version of the woman who abused them. “Anything for poor Amanda Clarke,” Mrs. Hayward greets them. “She was very special to me.” Mrs. Hayward reveals that she will lose the house at the end of the month if her financial troubles aren’t solved. (Side note: Isn’t Emily’s coat gorgeous? Props, costume department!) Eli and Emily tell her that they’ll just take a look around the house, then decide if she’s deserving of the ACF donation. Emily casually asks about the letters Eli mentioned, but Mrs. Hayward immediately shuts her down. “Anything that was personal of Amanda’s would have been lost in the fire.” Eli mentions that he’d like to meet the kids and Mrs. Hayward leads him off, leaving Emily to check out the house. “Just follow my lead,” Eli whispers to Mrs. Hayward as they head upstairs. Guess he’s not looking out for Amanda after all.

Mrs. Hayward passes the inspection and is promptly invited to the Grayson house to meet Victoria. “I don’t think I could ever forgive anyone who set fire to everything I cared about,” V tells Mrs. H. But Mrs. Hayward is a loving soul. For $250,000 annually, she’s happy to forget any mishaps with Amanda. “You are truly a godsend, Victoria,” she says.

Declan hands Jack the phone he stole, but before the two can really hatch a plan, Conrad shows up at the Stowaway with Ashley in tow. (Another aside: What in the world was Ashley wearing?) Declan forgot he’d offered up the Stowaway for the ACF’s press conference. Oops. Conrad takes the opportunity to ask Jack to campaign alongside him, something Jack desperately wants to do. Not.

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