Revenge recap: Burning Love

Eli and Emily team up to take down their abusive foster mother and a giant secret is revealed!
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 24, 2013

DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS Victoria and Mrs. Hayward size each other up while Eli and Emily look on.

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Padma visits Nolan at his office because you should definitely visit your employer/lover when you’re supposed to be in hiding. She’s received a video from the Initiative proving her father is still alive (and it can’t be too old since he’s missing a finger -- I checked). In exchange for her father’s life, she must bring Carrion to the East River. Nolan agrees, but first he asks her for the program back so he can make a couple quick adjustments to the flash drive.

Eli and Emily leave the Graysons’ together, allowing Ems to confront her foster brother about his game plan. Eli wants to take out the evil Mrs. Hayward (whom I have affectionately dubbed the Trunchbull in my head due to her penchant for shutting kids in tiny spaces). To convince Emily, he reveals that Mrs. Hayward kept a bunch of letters her father had written her over the years. So while Emily spent that whole time hating her dad, he’d actually been trying to make contact with her. You know what that means… A new person to take revenge on! “I once made you a promise to always look after you,” Eli says. And so viewers, it would seem Eli’s intentions are honorable. Or are they?

Having heard about the letters, all Emily can think about is how different her life might have been. She wouldn’t have hated her father, she wouldn’t have embarked on this revenge quest, and, most importantly, Faux-manda wouldn’t have died. (But we wouldn’t have Revenge!) Elsewhere, Aiden and Nolan are preparing for the handoff to the Initiative. Nolan has stored the program on a rather gaudy flash drive shaped like a turtle. Real subtle, Nolan. He’s hidden a tracking device in the head so that once Padma hands off the drive, they can follow it to the Initiative. In the meantime, however, Padma and her father are going to have to disappear -- a fact that doesn’t sit well with Nolan.

Declan stumbles across Jack dozing in his rocking chair because he can’t bear to sleep in the bed he shared with Amanda. Jack’s been doing some investigating: He’s trying to track down Kenny Ryan to ask him about what happened that night out on the ocean. So Jack did take Nolan’s bait. I’d been certain he hadn’t been fooled. Emily, party pooper, interrupts Jack and Declan’s revenge bonding. She wants him to stop his vendetta against Conrad and the Ryans. Jack acknowledges that she’s right, but only because there’s nothing he can do about it right now: “Even if I wanted to go after Conrad, he stole the computer, which was my only leverage.”

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