Revenge recap: Things Fall Apart

Emily's plot is threatened by her foster brother; Jack becomes suspicious of Nolan
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

THE BOOK OF ELI Emily's foster brother, now a "rare books dealer," puts a damper on her well-laid plans.

Richard Foreman/ABC

Daniel confesses his involvement with the Initiative to Emily, revealing that his parents are using the ACF as a front to hide their cash. She wants to cancel her check but he begs her not to so she won’t raise their suspicions. Meanwhile, Conrad and Victoria are counting their haul. She asks him if they’ve secured enough. “Just shy of $5 million,” he answers. “No one can accuse you of being an underachiever, my dear.”

Nolan tells Emily that he’s convinced Jack that the Ryan brothers were behind his unlikely rescue (no, Nolan, you haven’t). Emily’s too distracted by her bigger revenge plot to even think of Jack. After all, Daniel’s just handed her the perfect weapon against the Graysons. With all their money in one place, she can use Carrion to bankrupt them. “That is quite an Achilles you’ve discovered,” says Nolan. “And tomorrow we sever it,” Ems answers.

While Aiden is sworn into the Grayson Global board, Nolan busts out Carrion to break into the ACF -- but there’s one security measure the infallible program can’t get past. “I’ve seen this before,” Nolan says, horror dawning in his eyes (not to be melodramatic). It’s Fa1c0n: The hacker legend that helped put David Clarke behind bars is back on the Graysons’ payroll.

I can't say I was as big a fan of this week's episode as I was of last week's. Episode 15 felt tight, like we'd finally gotten rid of all the superfluous plots that had been weighing Revenge down. This week? We were introduced to two new major characters on a show that has more characters than it knows what to do with. That's not to say I don't like Eli. I'm intrigued by the threat he poses to Ems' operation. And yet, I'm not positive we need him. What were your feelings on this week, readers? Are you on board with Eli? Interested in Fa1c0n? Excited for Jack's revenge? Share your thoughts below!

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