Revenge recap: Things Fall Apart

Emily's plot is threatened by her foster brother; Jack becomes suspicious of Nolan
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

THE BOOK OF ELI Emily's foster brother, now a "rare books dealer," puts a damper on her well-laid plans.

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Aiden sits down for a chat with Daniel, who tells him that he should really consider talking to Emily. Sure, Aiden had “designs” on her, but it’s been clear all along that Emily’s got feelings for Daniel. Grayson Jr. thinks that Emily is with Aiden because she invited him to the party, but of course he’s wrong. “Once again your instincts fail you,” says Aiden, delivering a line worthy of Obi-Wan Kenobi. “It was your father who summoned me.” On hearing this, Daniel storms off to confront Papa Grayson. “Aiden told me you appointed him Treasurer of the Foundation,” he accuses. That’s when Conrad reveals the real reason behind his charity: to hide the family’s money should the Initiative’s scheme fail. “This whole foundation is a front,” declares Daniel. “You are unbelievable.” “I’ve already framed one man,” Conrad shoots back. What’s one more? Shame on you Daniel, for expecting anything less.

Hats off to Nolan for the line of the night: “Check out faux bro climbing Mt. Grayson like it ain’t no thing.” Yes, Eli sure has a way with the Grayson women. Emily interrupts his chat with Victoria, jeopardizing her whole revenge scheme in the process. The two trade barbs and exchange glares, but it’s Eli who’s got the upper hand here: He donates Emily’s check to Victoria, which prompts her to name him co-chair. Burn.

After giving a rousing speech about his “true friends,” the Graysons, Jack confronts Nolan about the night Amanda died. He thought that Emily and Nolan were on Amanda’s side, but now he can’t help but suspect they had something to do with her death. Once again, Emily tries to get Eli to leave, but he’s too curious to go back to a life of rare books and petty crime. See what happens when you keep a secret, Ems? They only stay secret for so long. Better to reveal them on your own terms.

Nolan follows Jack back home, where he finds him watching his wedding video. Jack screams at Nolan (blasphemy! Nobody yells at my Nolan) to get out, but Nolan’s not having it. He presents Jack with the title to the boat he supposedly bought from the dockworker. It’s in Kenny Ryan’s name. “Don’t let them take anymore away from you than they already have,” Nolan advises Jack, holding him back. “I shouldn’t have doubted you,” Jack says, but his eyes hold a different story. He didn’t believe a word of Nolan’s lie. And really, would you believe a hacker with the ability to forge any document, including a boat deed?

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