Revenge recap: Things Fall Apart

Emily's plot is threatened by her foster brother; Jack becomes suspicious of Nolan
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

THE BOOK OF ELI Emily's foster brother, now a "rare books dealer," puts a damper on her well-laid plans.

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Daniel’s meeting Aiden for drinks, but he gets into a fight with an MBA grad before Aiden ever arrives. The Brit saves him, sending Daniel on his way. “You think you want my life? Careful what you wish for,” Daniel says before storming out (probably in search of another bar). Conrad calls Aiden right then, telling him he’s concerned about Daniel. “Your timing couldn’t be better,” notes Aiden, watching Daniel leave. His timing’s perfect: Conrad’s in the bar as well. The two decide to have drinks together and no doubt plot some nefarious scheme.

Jack visits the dock where he was picked up by the ambulance. He finds a worker and tries to get him to reveal who saved his life. The guy says he was paid to keep quiet, but apparently he wasn’t paid enough. He describes Jack’s rescuer in glorious detail: “Tall, sandy hair, blue eyes.” Uh oh, Nolan.

Victoria and Conrad unveil the ACF the way they do everything: with a party. V shoots down Ems’ bid for co-chair (but takes her quarter of a million check). Eli’s getting chummy with party people, leading Nolan to proclaim, “Much more handsome than his mug shot.” Eli catches sight of them and saunters over. Nolan pulls up Eli’s arrest record and shows him: “Any relationship to Jesse?” Touché, sir. A couple taps of his phone and voila! Record goes poof. (If only it were that easy… Not that I have a record needs erasing.) Emily hands Eli a check for $100,000 and waits patiently for him to be on his merry way. But Ems played her hand too soon: Eli got what he wanted and now he’s sticking around. Some faux bro.

First line of business? Flirt with Charlotte. Okay, so maybe Eli’s not exactly flirting with her, but there’s something off about their interaction. Declan sees it too. After Eli brings Charlotte a (hopefully non-alcoholic) drink, Decs stops by to introduce himself and stake his claim. “Declan is Amanda’s brother-in-law,” says Charlotte. “And her boyfriend,” Declan pointedly adds. Who knows what’s going on with these two? Yesterday, they were raising a baby together. Today, Declan’s telling Charlotte to call him “when [she’s] not so preoccupied.” Teenagers.

Emily, now really regretting having tried to do anything for Eli, finds Ashley and has a good gossip, telling her that Eli wasn’t ever really friends with Amanda. While Ash goes off to try to get Eli thrown out, Aiden stops by to note that the faux bro has a way with the Grayson women. “Maybe I could take a few pointers on wooing Grayson offspring,” he says, watching Eli bond with Charlotte. I’m really starting to be creeped out by that pairing. Meanwhile, Emily’s plan to get rid of Eli goes horribly awry: The minute Victoria hears that Emily is no fan of Eli’s, she warms to him. “All the more reason to welcome him with open arms.”

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