Revenge recap: Things Fall Apart

Emily's plot is threatened by her foster brother; Jack becomes suspicious of Nolan
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

THE BOOK OF ELI Emily's foster brother, now a "rare books dealer," puts a damper on her well-laid plans.

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Emily wants to offer her services as co-chair to the Amanda Clarke Foundation. She ponies up $250,000 for the honor, but Victoria’s not having it (her as co-chair, that is, not the money. That, she's having). Eli picks precisely that moment to show up and offer his condolences to V. “You look familiar, do I know you?” he asks Ems. She points out that they met at Amanda’s grave, but Eli catches sight of her tattoo. I’m so happy they didn’t drag this revelation out. Emily spends so much of her time hiding her identity, it’s nice to know that she can’t keep it a secret from everyone. Eli knew her at her worst, I’d be shocked if he didn’t recognize her right off the bat. Thankfully Nolan calls and saves her from an awkward confrontation with her former foster brother. Not for long, though…

Daniel is a drunk and the sky is blue. Conrad, who apparently has not been banned from the Grayson Global premises, makes the wry observation that his son is well on his way to becoming an alcoholic. Well, murder is wont to do that to a man. Conrad’s made of stronger stuff, however: “Where you let it consume you, your mother and I have chosen to resurrect her.” Conrad wants Daniel to get over that pesky conscience of his. After all, they’re only looking out for him and, in turn, he’s only looking out for future generations of Graysons.

In his quest to make things painfully uncomfortable for Emily, Eli is drinking at the Stowaway. Ems throws him a worried glance, then asks Jack if she can talk to him. “I know I hurt you. I’m kind of hoping that you’d give me another chance.” Alas, Eli’s already gotten to him: Jack’s heard that Amanda used to hate her Dad and he can’t understand why she’d undertake a vendetta against the Graysons if she’d despised her father. More lies from Emily. Jack gives her the cold shoulder, leaving Eli to walk over and casually drop: “You look pretty good for a dead girl.”

Eli and Emily stroll along the boardwalk, him asking her about what’s she up to with a fake name. She tries to pretend there’s no con, but he’s known her for too long. Emily deflects his line of questioning by asking him about his antique books. “That’s just a scam I run on dumb rich people,” he says. With outstanding warrants in three states, Eli is constantly on the run. Emily sees her opening: If she offer to wipe his record, will he leave her alone?

NEXT: Revenge moral of the week #2: Be careful who you bribe.

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