Revenge recap: The Graysons Strike Back

Conrad announces his bid for governor, Victoria covers up Helen's death, and Jack and Amanda's honeymoon ends in tragedy
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

PRIMARY COLORS Conrad makes the jump into politics with his not-so-doting wife by his side.

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Amanda makes her move, running above deck and away from Nate (really there’s only so many places she can go). “I’m not going to hurt you,” he calls after her. Sure, Nate. Everything you’ve done up until this point seems to indicate that you’re completely benevolent. As he comes up the stairs, Emily hits him, knocking him back down below where they tussle in the water. “Who the hell are you?” Nate asks, perplexed. A stray bullet goes through the propane hose, an event that will in no way be important later. Nate finally gets control of the gun, only to be shot by Amanda. Emily and Amanda run for their little boat, but then Amanda doubles back to grab Emily's necklace, only to see Nate flick his lighter and ignite the propane (fooled you! It was important). The Amanda explodes as Emily and Amanda jump into the ocean. Emily comes up for air, clinging to the half-sunken inflatable boat and calling Amanda’s name desperately.

Padma is worried because Helen hasn’t called her back. If only she knew. She consults Aiden, who tells her not to worry -- surely it just means that Helen is taking her request seriously. Like clockwork, Trask picks that moment to call. Padma demands proof of her father’s life before she’ll do anything else for the Initiative. “I believe you just signed for it,” he answers calmly. “Feel free to check the fingerprint.” Aiden opens the box just delivered to find Padma's father’s cleanly severed finger.

Nolan drops Jack off with a private hospital, then heads out to find Emily. At the wreck, Emily has finally found Amanda, but it’s not looking good. After surviving a two-flight fall earlier this season, Amanda is finally on her deathbed. And you know what? As much as I don’t like her, I’m actually sad to see her go. But I think that’s entirely due to Emily VanCamp’s wonderful acting. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an actress sob quite as convincingly. Her crying made me cry in turn, particularly her delivery of “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” Sometimes she’s such an automaton, I forget she has feelings. Not this week, though.

So readers, are you sad to see Faux-manda go? Were you shocked by her death? Who will you miss more, Amanda or the Amanda? Will Charlotte and Declan become baby Carl’s full-time parents? And how will this affect Emily’s revenge plot? Will we perhaps see more of the red Sharpie?

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