Revenge recap: The Graysons Strike Back

Conrad announces his bid for governor, Victoria covers up Helen's death, and Jack and Amanda's honeymoon ends in tragedy
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

PRIMARY COLORS Conrad makes the jump into politics with his not-so-doting wife by his side.

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At the Graysons', Daniel’s dealing with murder the only way he can: lots and lots of alcohol. “Shouldn’t you be going easy with that?” Charlotte asks, buzzkill that she is. “I don’t know who you are anymore.” “Well that makes the two of us,” Daniel answers. Charlotte tells him he should give up his Grayson heritage like she has. But Helen’s death changes things. He can’t walk away now.

Emily and Nolan find a passed-out Jack floating on the ocean. Ems tells Nolan to get Jack back to the mainland while she takes the little boat to find the Amanda. “I can’t leave Amanda,” she tells Nolan, even though he urges her to come back with him. Meanwhile, the Amanda is quickly taking on water thanks to an engine malfunction.

Conrad tells Victoria that she looks radiant. “You mean in the midst of a crisis with blood on my hands?” she snaps back. Victoria hasn’t forgotten her deal with Conrad -- at the end of the summer, she plans to leave him. Of course, this is less than desirable for Conrad. It’s not the best idea to start your bid for governor in the middle of a divorce. But Conrad’s not worried -- he has just the leverage he needs now: Daniel. Nothing is beneath this man, not even threatening his own son’s well-being.

A creepy-looking man by the name of Trask introduces himself to the Graysons. They think he’s press -- until he asks about Helen Crawley, that is. Initiative member numero 2! Does he live up to your expectations? He certainly looks scary enough. (My apologies to the actor.) Trask is convinced the Graysons are behind Helen’s disappearance, but then Conrad oh-so-smoothly hints at Amanda’s involvement. Trask goes to check the Stowaway and lo and behold, he finds Helen’s scarf and phone under Amanda’s bed. The phone has a message from Padma, who -- on Aiden’s advice -- has been trying to get proof that her father’s still alive. Trask pulls out his own phone, then places an ominous call. “I’m going to need to arrange delivery.”

NEXT: A whole new meaning to "hand-delivered."

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