Revenge recap: The Graysons Strike Back

Conrad announces his bid for governor, Victoria covers up Helen's death, and Jack and Amanda's honeymoon ends in tragedy
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

PRIMARY COLORS Conrad makes the jump into politics with his not-so-doting wife by his side.

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Back on the Amanda, Nate calls “Connie” at Amanda’s bequest. “Your story and Jack’s aren’t exactly matching up,” he says. Conrad tells him he just needs to find the laptop, then Nate will know who’s telling the truth. While he’s on the phone, Amanda makes a move for her backpack, pulling her gun on Nate and firing without hesitation. Too bad there aren’t any bullets… At least Nate isn’t that big of an idiot. So she tries a different tack, explaining that she’s behind the blackmail, adding that Jack has nothing to do with it. “He’s just my cover. Getting together with Jack was just my excuse to stay in the Hamptons while I collected evidence on the Graysons,” she tells Nate. Like any good soap opera, Jack overhears.

Amanda offers to team up with Nate to take down Conrad, while down below Jack goes to find Declan’s laptop. The minute he opens it, Nolan is able to hack the screen, using the computer’s camera to see what’s happening on the Amanda. Up on deck, Nate channels his inner Two Face, tossing a coin in the air and telling Amanda, “In case you lied to me, I’m going to flip that to see which one of you dies first.”

Victoria visits Charlotte at the Stowaway to ask her to come to the family’s annual Labor Day party. Charlotte’s reluctant -- she’s a Clarke now anyways -- but Victoria convinces her by making a plea on behalf of baby Carl. “It’s clear that he needs a quiet, temperature-controlled space.” (The Stowaway’s air conditioning is broken.) Charlotte agrees, as long as Declan can come too. The two kids head off to get ready, leaving Victoria to plant Helen’s scarf and phone under Amanda’s bed in the Stowaway.

Furious, Jack comes above deck on the Amanda. “I heard everything you said,” he accuses his wife. Then, like any good husband, he sells her out, telling Nate that Amanda’s laptop is downstairs. Like any good criminal, Nate leaves his captives unattended and heads below deck. Jack and Faux-manda faux-argue, inflating their getaway boat while Nate searches below. But then he calls for Amanda to come show him where the laptop is, foiling their escape plans. She does, then sprints for the stairs, locking the doors to below deck behind her. Nate tries to muscle his way out while Jack and Amanda fumble with the inflatable boat, but the door holds. So of course, he turns to his gun, firing at random and hitting… Jack! Amanda lowers Jack into the boat, then turns on the engine and kicks it off, staying behind to fend off Nate. Nate knocks her out, then locks her in the hold in turn.

NEXT: Charlotte Clarke, alcohol police. Also, take note: Death is a turn-on for Conrad (if you're into that kind of thing)

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