Revenge recap: The Graysons Strike Back

Conrad announces his bid for governor, Victoria covers up Helen's death, and Jack and Amanda's honeymoon ends in tragedy
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

PRIMARY COLORS Conrad makes the jump into politics with his not-so-doting wife by his side.

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Out on the ocean, Jack and Amanda wake up after a night of loving under the stars. Is it safe for them to just sleep on the bow like that? Then again maybe I’ve watched too many Syfy specials. Jack gets up to go call the mainland and check on baby Carl (what a display of proud parenting!), but then something catches his eye -- a cigarette pack. Either Amanda’s taken up smoking or… Yep! They’ve got a stowaway on board (har dee har har -- get it? Stowaway). Nate, apparently content to spend the night below deck while the couple got it on above him, finally makes himself known.

Nate asks for the evidence against Conrad, but like the champion liar she is, Faux-manda pretends not to know what he’s talking about. Nate accepts this and goes to call Conrad, leaving Jack and Amanda to formulate a plan. “He’s going to kill us, so we kill him first,” Amanda whispers to Jack, giving her beau a “don’t get cold feet on me” look as Nate calls for her to follow him. You can just tell Jack is wondering who the eff he married.

At the Stowaway, Charlotte’s making a slideshow! What a doll she is. Ems turns up looking for her earrings, and while Charlotte goes to track them down, Emily discovers what is positively the best photo bomb I’ve ever seen. Indeed, Nate Ryan himself can be seen lurking on the Amanda in one of Jack and Amanda’s wedding photos. It’s too amazing. Emily snaps a pic with her phone, then heads off to find Nolan. She tells him that she thinks something’s going on, and Nolan puts his techno skills to use by calling the honeymoon hovel in Nantucket to confirm what they already suspect -- Jack and Amanda never showed up.

At Grayson Global, Victoria storms into Daniel’s office, telling him all about Helen’s visit to their home. (Side note: this is the first time it’s hit me, but does Daniel have his own place? I don’t think he does. How many problems could be solved if he just moved out?) Anyways, the two Graysons put on a good show for the Initiative’s cameras -- Daniel even calls security on his own mother! Shocking! Yeah, there was definitely nothing suspect about that whole exchange.

“I’m looking for Nolan Ross,” Padma tells the Stowaway’s bartender. “If you find him, tell him he’s fired,” he answers. Ouch. Has Nolan ever even been fired? Aiden, who’s sitting at the bar waiting for Padma, hands her his cell so she can talk to Nolan. He’s off on a speedboat tracking down the lost Jack and Amanda, but he tells Padma that she can trust Aiden. After all, they both have family members in the Initiative. What better bonding experience is there?

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