Revenge recap: One Wedding and a Funeral

Jack and Amanda finally get married, someone plots murder, and someone commits one. 
Ep. 13 | Aired Feb 10, 2013

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING Emily watches her dream nuptials play out with Amanda as her stand-in. 

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Aiden, frustrated by his sister’s (apparent) death, yells at Emily, essentially accusing her of being an emotionless shrew. “Is that what you think?” she asks. “That I don’t feel? That I don’t mourn the life that I could have had?” This, she adds, is precisely what attracted her to him in the first place: The fact that both of them have lost everything. That both of them know the pain of being wholly alone. And yet, can that kind of relationship really be healthy? It’s entirely based on what’s been taken from them. On their anger and hate and suffering. (I watched Star Wars recently, in case you can’t tell.) How can you build something from that?

Daniel’s trying to carry out Helen’s investments, but even his employees are reluctant. Victoria storms into his office, bringing the proof she procured from Conrad earlier in the episode and finally, finally breaking through Daniel’s carefully constructed shield. He’s endangering everyone that he cares for by dealing with Helen, “including Emily Thorne.” Nothing stops Daniel in his tracks quite like that name. Too bad Helen was listening in the whole time. How could Victoria not have anticipated that? Or maybe… she did? More later…

It’s finally time for the wedding! (Is the fact that I initially typed “weeding” telling? I think so. Jack and Faux-manda are doomed.) The best part by far is Nolan’s jacket. He’s presiding over the ceremony; why shouldn’t he be flashy? But the second best part is the way his voice catches when he says Amanda Clarke, the way he looks at Emily before proceeding. He’s the only one from her past who knows her hopes and dreams. And he knows that whatever she feels for Aiden or Daniel or whomever, a part of her will always love Jack. And then Emily does the most selfless thing she’s done all season. She gives Amanda the pipe cleaner ring. “This just goes to show how long this was coming,” Jack says, looking rather teary-eyed. Completely coincidentally, Aiden -- looking all romance cover-y -- picks this exact moment to show up, perched on a cliff above the proceedings.

Conrad meets with Nate and tells him the plans for their luxury boardwalk are off. Nate’s shocked -- until he hears about the other side having “leverage.” And if someone were to remove this leverage? Well, Conrad answers, that’s “purely hypothetical.” Have we finally caught up to the season two premiere?

NEXT: It’s 9:59 p.m. Where are your children? Hopefully not on a boat to Nantucket.

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