Revenge recap: One Wedding and a Funeral

Jack and Amanda finally get married, someone plots murder, and someone commits one. 
Ep. 13 | Aired Feb 10, 2013

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING Emily watches her dream nuptials play out with Amanda as her stand-in. 

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What better place to discuss your plans for world domination than the streets of Manhattan? (Actually, this may not be far from the truth.) Helen strolls down the sunny sidewalk, coaching Daniel on shady investments. Finally, he shows some reluctance in his dealings with the Initiative, but he’s in over his head by now. No worries, Danny-boy! Mummy’s to the rescue.

Victoria storms into Conrad’s office with the fury of a harpy. “We’re actually in the middle of things,” Ashley says. “And fully clothed, how refreshing,” Victoria shoots back. She witnessed Daniel’s sketchy dealings with Helen, and she’s down to her last move. She wants hard evidence framing David Clarke to convince Daniel not to cross over to the dark side.

Jack presents Amanda with a Nantucket brochure. Nantucket?! I mean, not everyone has to go to Hawaii, but what happened to at least a different climate? “I already got Dec on board to take care of Carl,” Jack adds enticingly. Honestly, do they ever take care of Carl? I don’t think I’ve seen Jack hold him since he left the hospital. Amanda’s got her own present from Jack: Emily’s check. Jack doesn’t want her pity cash -- he doesn’t want to be indebted to a friend. Would he prefer an enemy? Amanda points out. Jack takes the check.

Emily tracks Aiden to the Jersey City building. It is about as nasty as you would expect and has apparently not been used since Colleen was tortured there six years ago. As Seth and Amy would say, Really?! The bed she was tethered to is still there. Surely someone would have made it their home by now. Aiden’s still not certain whether his sister is alive or dead, so he and Emily go in search of her autopsy report. While they’re waiting, Daniel calls Emily. She puts him on speaker so Aiden can listen in, but the convo is the typical niceties. Nothing juicy. They hang up, and we finally get a look at the report in question. Looks like Colleen is well and truly dead. Or is she??? At this point, I’m not sure I’ll ever be convinced one way or the other. Even if she turns up alive, there’s still some chance she's an Initiative clone. Or something.

Having swallowed his pride, Jack gives Conrad the check for The Stowaway. “The deal’s changed,” the Mouth of Sauron, i.e. Ashley, informs Jack. Conrad is rebuilding the waterfront and that includes Jack’s measly little bar. Jack says Conrad can’t do that -- after all, he still owns half of The Stowaway. Alas, Conrad says delicately, Jack can’t pay his mortgage, which will allow Conrad to absorb Jack’s debt and take the bar by force. (Is this actually true? Lawyers, answer below.) Jack vows to take Conrad on with all the might of his blue-collar buddies, but Conrad laughs (metaphorically) in his face. What are a few low-rent friends compared to millions of papery green ones? Follow-up question: Why doesn’t Jack just move somewhere else? Nantucket, maybe. Spare himself the pain.

NEXT: Amanda tries her hand at blackmail. It will likely not end well.

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