Revenge recap: California Here We Come

Emily and Aiden head out West for a little merging and acquiring; Nolan uncovers a rat
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2013

PARENTAL GUIDANCE Mom, I can put together my own business deals.

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Nolan calls Emily with the result of his Aiden phone tap. He’s found the video of Colleen, conveniently labeled under the subject line “a life for a life” (subtle, Initiative, real subtle). Emily figures out Aiden’s literally gunning for Victoria and orders Nolan to track his phone. She finds him with Victoria in his sights again and stops him before he can get a shot off. “We’re going to find your sister, but on our own terms,” Ems says. It’s a nice thought, but we all know Emily doesn’t really have others’ best interests at heart, even when she wants to.

Nolan and Padma are happily discussing his house plans when he casually mentions his high-tech super computer program. “You mean Carrion?” she immediately asks. For someone who’s been playing Nolan all along, she’s suddenly pretty terrible at it. Nolan looks stricken. Finally, finally he’s been tipped off.

Emily, newly returned from California, meets up with Nolan for a pow wow. He looks uncharacteristically depressed. Emily’s worried. Victoria’s onto her and Aiden’s gone AWOL. “I just hope I made the right decision,” she says. “I know I didn’t,” Nolan responds, playing with his keychain. “Seems nothing can save me from evil spirits.” He tells Emily (and us) what Carrion is: “lines of binary that have the ability to knock Manhattan over the power grid in less than a second.” Padma, who thought “Carrie Ann” was just a person, had no way of knowing what it really was. And yet, she called it a program earlier today. “I never told her that,” Nolan says sadly. Emily advises him to play her like she’s played him.

And he does. He calls Padma and asks her to look for his platinum card in his office, coaching her until she knocks a secret drawer loose, where she finds -- eureka! -- Carrion (as we are informed when Padma stick the flashdrive into her iPad and the screen reads “Welcome to Carrion.” You know, just in case we didn’t get it). Nolan watches the whole thing remotely.

Nate Ryan isn’t too happy with his brother’s decision to sell their share in the Stowaway. He visits Conrad and shares his plan to take over the waterfront. “Overly arrogant and ambitious,” Conrad says. “I like that.” Ashley warns him to think twice about getting into business with a felon, but he jumps anyways.

Daniel visits Emily, where he reveals that he’s known that she’s been in cahoots with Victoria all along. And yet, thanks to her efforts in California today, he forgives her. But their heart to heart is interrupted (in an echo of the episode’s opener) by Aiden. He’s received a new video from the Initiative. Colleen’s dead. Emily immediately goes into denial. “You can’t trust these people,” she pleads. “Listen.” “I did listen to you and that’s exactly how this happened,” he shoots back and storms off the porch.

The end! Did you think even for a second that Aiden might kill Victoria? Are you happy that Aiden and Emily are (seemingly) over? Do you think Colleen is really dead? Does your house have any secret passageways? Let me hear your answers in the comments!

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