Revenge recap: California Here We Come

Emily and Aiden head out West for a little merging and acquiring; Nolan uncovers a rat
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2013

PARENTAL GUIDANCE Mom, I can put together my own business deals.

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Charlotte’s being ignored on her 18th birthday, you guys! Conrad’s busy on his road to politics and Daniel’s forgotten her entirely. Her only hope is her mother, who takes her to see the ballet every year. But surprise! Victoria cancels. “What does it mean when your mom cancels your birthday?” a dejected Charlotte asks Amanda. “I’d say it’s her gift to you,” Amanda retorts. For her part, V had a perfectly good reason for canceling: she’s in California, attempting to stop Daniel’s acquisition of Stonehaven. There, she runs into Daniel in the lobby and the two immediately start fighting. Daniel knows Victoria’s behind Prosser’s bid for Stonehaven. She insists she’s just trying to save him. Emily steps in before things get bloody.

Emily calls Aiden to update him on her lunch plans. But Aiden’s already aware -- he’s in California too, hunting Victoria (not that Emily knows that). “I’m not thrilled your lunch date turned into a change of time zones,” he tells her. Another fabulous line. Kudos, writers! When Emily asks what Aiden’s doing on the West Coast himself, he says he wants proof of Victoria meddling with the Initiative’s plans. Yup. Nothing weird about that. That’s why Emily asks Nolan to hack into Aiden’s phone.

Jack visits Matt in the hospital, where he tells him about his recent arrest and asks him to confess. Because that’s likely. Matt politely declines. “You don’t know what it’s like to have someone hurt your child,” he says. Uh oh. Foreshadowing, perhaps? Not baby Carl!

Back in Cali, Prosser is ordering another copy of his room key. “Always the sign of a good visit,” Aiden says. Or that he lost his first room key (that’s usually the case with me. Okay, that’s always the case with me). Aiden warns Prosser that Donna is looking to dump her company before her indictment (a total lie). But Prosser falls for it and pulls out of the Stonehaven race.

Conrad turns up at the Stowaway, orders its oldest scotch, neat, and pleasantly informs Kenny Ryan that he’s got Matt Duncan’s confession to his father’s murder. So if he could stop messing with the Porters’ bar, that’d be great, m’kay? Kenny agrees, signs some papers returning the Stowaway to its rightful owners, and is out the door. Could this thankless plot possibly be over? Nope, no way we’re that lucky. But A for effort, Conrad, aka the hero of Revenge!

Victoria storms into Prosser’s room, demanding to know why he’s leaving. He says all he ever really wanted was her, not Stonehaven (sweet, I guess?). She, perhaps thinking back on Ashley’s callous remark about her lack of sex life, leverages his affection for her, trading sex for his bid in the Stonehaven acquisition. The race is back on! And Aiden, who had Victoria in his sniper scope throughout this entire conversation, misses his shot thanks to V’s modesty. Why’d a curtain stop you, Aiden?

On hearing that Prosser’s once again his competitor, Aiden calls Nolan (at Emily’s suggestion) and asks him to dig up dirt on Prosser. “Why would I?” Nolan asks. “Say yes and I’ll buy you a house,” texts Emily. Well then. At dinner, Prosser tells Donna his sob story about being one of her father’s charity cases, but Daniel goes and ruins it all by revealing that Prosser “colluded to inflate gas and oil prices after 9/11.” A million points for Daniel. Prosser leaves the table in disgrace and Stonehaven goes to the 24-year-old CEO.

NEXT: Nolan buys a house because it has a secret passageway. In related news: Nolan is my soulmate.

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