Revenge recap: California Here We Come

Emily and Aiden head out West for a little merging and acquiring; Nolan uncovers a rat
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2013

PARENTAL GUIDANCE Mom, I can put together my own business deals.

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Daniel takes Emily not to some fancy New York restaurant but to the airport. He’s not keen on plane food; he’s flying her to the West Coast for oysters. Because why not? They only have to wait six extra hours to eat. Really, Daniel just wants Emily to come to his bid for Stonehaven. She’s his good luck charm -- oh, and if things go well they can bam chicka wow wow. “Let’s get Stonehaven first,” Ems says. “Then we’ll decide how to celebrate.” Could he be anymore overbearing? Tone it down, Daniel!

Helen says she knows Aiden was behind the stunt at the wine auction (forgetting the fact that she was scared out of her mind last episode). She thinks she’s got it all figured out: “You and Victoria Grayson have much to gain by working together.” Aiden tries to deny the accusation, but Helen whips out a video of Colleen, proving our beautiful boy’s sister is still alive -- and that Aiden is now the Initiative’s pawn. Helen immediately uses this to her advantage, telling Aiden he must kill Victoria. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you up the stakes.

Conrad tells Jack and Amanda that getting him off a drug charge will be no problem. Murder, on the other hand… (I’m glad that even Conrad has some limits to how many strings he can pull in the justice system.) “Are we just poster children for your new public image?” asks Jack. They are, but it’s not like Jack can do anything about it. Conrad’s the only person in his corner. So Jack reveals that the real murderer was Matt Duncan, but that he won’t sell him out because without Matt they would have lost the Stowaway six years ago. “The only mistake being made is yours,” Conrad tells Jack. Amanda surprisingly agrees. “If you don’t call him out, Carl loses his dad and I lose my husband.”

Daniel puts in his pitch for Stonehaven, but Donna Carlisle, the current chief of the company, isn’t having it. After all, Grayson Global has a bit of a sketchy reputation. Thanks to Emily’s intervention, however, the GG bid is still at the top of Donna’s list. The only other contender? One Mr. Jason Prosser.

Padma’s searching Nolan’s office in the middle of the day while on the phone with Helen. Smart. What we learn from this conversation, however, is that Padma’s being blackmailed by the Initiative as well (or so it would seem). So she’s not entirely bad, I guess. But when you play Nolan, you risk the ire of Revenge fans everywhere. Speaking of Nolan, he walks in on her in the middle of her "covert" op. She explains it away by giving him a keychain with his new house keys on it -- a keychain that supposedly keeps away “demons and bad spirits.” But not you Padma. It can’t get rid of you. “Thank you for looking out for me,” Nolan says. This is the moment I was absolutely positive something would go wrong between them this episode. He was just laying it on so thick. So not Nolan.

NEXT: “It was the year when I started working at the Beaver Dam. Not that you should do that.”

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