Revenge recap: Yo Ho Ho, and a Million Dollar Bottle of Wine

Emily hosts a charity auction, Marco woos Nolan, and Daniel drops a million bucks on a bottle of wine
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

HEY, BIG SPENDER Daniel tries to seduce Emily with his deep pockets. The worst part? It almost seemed to work.

Eric McCandless/ABC

At the Stowaway, Amanda almost pulls a gun on Nate, but she’s stopped by Ashley, who reveals that Jack is out! Conrad had a change of heart because “as a citizen of some influence, [he] felt it was [his] duty to clean up police corruption in [his] backyard.” Oh, readers, he’ll make a great politician, won’t he? “Your predicament is my opportunity,” Conrad confesses to Amanda and Jack. He’ll use them to restore his image.

Nolan confronts Marco about selling out his computer program to Daniel. Marco vehemently denies it, but when Nolan goes through his emails, he easily finds the compromising one right off the bat. Oh, it’s totally Padma who’s behind this, isn’t it? “I swear to you. I did not write that,” Marco says. “Get out,” Nolan shoots back. “Forever.” As Marco leaves, Padma pats Nolan gently on the shoulder.

Aiden wants to celebrate with Emily, but she’s getting together with Daniel. She promises she’ll “control the situation,” but Aiden has little faith in her. He knocks on the door just as Ems and Daniel are about to get close and their million dollar moment (literally, as they’re drinking the wine) is ruined.

But since this is Revenge, that’s not the real zinger. After all, we were promised a traitor this episode and a traitor we will have. The ep closes with Padma making a call to none other than… Helen! Yes, Nolan’s very own lady is his saboteur. Poor guy can’t catch a break. When did you first suspect her, readers? Did you doubt Aiden like I did? Do you still doubt him? Get talking!

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