Revenge recap: Yo Ho Ho, and a Million Dollar Bottle of Wine

Emily hosts a charity auction, Marco woos Nolan, and Daniel drops a million bucks on a bottle of wine
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

HEY, BIG SPENDER Daniel tries to seduce Emily with his deep pockets. The worst part? It almost seemed to work.

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Charlotte goes to Conrad for help, but he refuses and accuses Amanda of pulling his daughter into “an orbit of drugs, crime, and the threat of violence.” Because the Grayson household is so much better. As the two girls head out, Ashley strolls on in and notes that Conrad’s missing an enormous opportunity if he’s considering politics. Help the little guy, Conrad!

Padma’s late for the charity auction thanks to all the work Marco gave her (or is she?). She did hear one juicy tidbit at work though: Marco talking to Daniel about someone called “Carrie Ann” (that is, the nasty little computer program from Nolcorp’s early days). Is it that easy to pin everything on Marco or is something else afoot?

Aiden and Helen ride an elevator together at the auction. There’s a moment of kind of awkward sexual tension -- I kept thinking they might make out -- but it passes when the elevator suddenly draws to a halt with them in it and gas starts pouring out of the vents. The two slump to the floor, drugged.

Jason notes that he wanted to impress Victoria by buying a bottle of wine only to be out-bid by her son. Not the smoothest of ways to woo someone. Victoria tells him not to worry, then oh-so-casually lets the Stonehaven acquisition slip. You little minx! She tries to get Jason to promise not to reveal a word, but the minute she leaves, he makes the call to target Stonehaven. Well played, Victoria Grayson.

Helen and Aiden wake up, bagged and tied to a chair, to be questioned by someone who sounds like the Scarecrow from Batman Begins. This “person” wants to know all about Stonehaven, but Helen says they’re wasting their time. That’s when Aiden goes all Commando (and I do mean that italicized, as I am referring to John Matrix from the excellent Arnold Schwarzenegger movie) and shoots the kidnapper. Sure, because the fact that he escaped his bindings doesn’t look suspicious at all. Nuh, uh. Helen tries to pull the mask off the kidnapper, but Aiden grabs her and drags her away before a second Scarecrow can gun them down. So who were our elusive men in black? Nolan and Emily, of course. Turns out Aiden didn’t shoot Emily in that opening scene. They just wanted to scare Helen into giving up info to Aiden. But if he’s not the traitor, then who is?

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