Revenge recap: Yo Ho Ho, and a Million Dollar Bottle of Wine

Emily hosts a charity auction, Marco woos Nolan, and Daniel drops a million bucks on a bottle of wine
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

HEY, BIG SPENDER Daniel tries to seduce Emily with his deep pockets. The worst part? It almost seemed to work.

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Marco’s desperate to have Nolan back, but Nolan’s more distrustful than ever since Daniel stumbled on Nolcorp’s super secret computer programming. Marco tries to point out that Padma is just as shady a character as he is, but Nolan won’t listen. In fairness, Marco did sell out his company. “You know how sorry I am about that,” Marco says to defend himself. “But at some point we’re going to have to put this behind us.” Are we, Marco? Are we really? The man just lost his company. I’d give him a little more grieving space before you tell him what he has to do. And yet, he may have a point about Padma. What do we know about her, really?

The night is young at the charity wine auction and Daniel’s already told Emily how nice she’s looked three separate times. STALKER. Daniel’s a bit peeved because his mother invited Jason, so he leaves Emily to her own devices and heads off to mingle. Over at the bar, Nolan asks Aiden how he’s dealing with Daniel (not well, it appears), but Ems turns up and cuts the convo short (or maybe that was just Aiden’s poor Sean Connery impression). Emily points out that Aiden’s seemed distracted and again I worry he could be our saboteur.

How many visits do you get in jail? Jack seems to be using them up rather quickly, no? This time, it’s Declan instead of Amanda and Jack is ready to come clean. “It’s time you knew the truth,” he says. The truth? The truth is I’m very confused as to what truth he’s exactly referring to. Meanwhile, Amanda and Charlotte take baby Carl for a walk and talk about the Ryan brothers. “What can we do?” asks Charlotte. She wants to bribe them, but it’s all about power and influence, according to Amanda. So instead they decide to go to Conrad for help because he owes Charlotte.

At the auction, Jason and Daniel get into a bidding war over a bottle of wine that ends with Daniel shelling out one million dollars. Let me repeat that: ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR A BOTTLE OF WINE. And this guy wanted to be a poetry major like five years ago. The worst part about this whole scene was when Daniel winked at Emily at the end. Because it’s soooo manly to be able to waste that much money on some alcohol. Yeah, real sexy.

Daniel introduces Aiden to Helen and they pretend they don’t know each other. From across the auction, Nolan remarks that he suspects Aiden and Emily admits that she has to agree. NO!

While Daniel writes his big, manly check for a total of 1-0-0-0-0-0-0 dollars (which he so gratefully spelled out for us idiots who have no idea how many zeros are tacked on after the one), Helen comes by to introduce herself to Ems and write a check of her own. Daniel invites Emily for a drink, but even he should be able to tell that she looks a bit tired of his antics right now. She heads off and Daniel is left to talk business with Helen. He’s not interested in Stonehaven, the company she told him to buy at the beginning of the episode, but Helen tells him to buy it anyways. She’s looking pretty tired of Daniel too.

NEXT: I see sexual tension in any two person elevator ride.

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