Revenge recap: Yo Ho Ho, and a Million Dollar Bottle of Wine

Emily hosts a charity auction, Marco woos Nolan, and Daniel drops a million bucks on a bottle of wine
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

HEY, BIG SPENDER Daniel tries to seduce Emily with his deep pockets. The worst part? It almost seemed to work.

Eric McCandless/ABC

Conrad’s old business nemesis Jason pays him a visit with a box of Cubans. Victoria’s ticked off -- she’s concerned with saving Daniel and Conrad’s getting all chummy with a frenemy? -- but then she sees the opportunity such a bigwig can provide. So she invites him to Emily’s charity wine auction, hoping that a little friendly competition will put a damper in Daniel’s burgeoning relationship with the Initiative. After all, what better way to host a lucrative auction than to pit two corporate egos against each other?

At the bar, Declan faces off against Nate. He wants the Ryans out of his life, but Nate says that will only happen if he sells his share of the bar. Kenny  tries to defend his brother, but Amanda’s not buying it. “Take my advice,” Kenny tells Declan. “I don’t want anymore trouble for you guys.” That’s why you started using their bar for drug running, is it? “I think you know what you can do with your advice,” Declan fires back. Look at him showing some backbone!

Daniel accuses Nolan of hiding something from him. He orders Nolan to deliver a report detailing all of his abandoned development by the end of the week. “What was that about?” Padma asks, strolling on in as though she hasn’t ditched work for the past week. “My guess? Extreme daddy issues,” Nolan replies. But back to Padma. She wants a job. Nolan says that she could a job anywhere (and really, Nolcorp doesn’t seem to be the best place to work at the moment given that it just went through a hostile takeover), but Padma insists that she doesn’t care about losing the CFO position, she just cares about Nolan. “Unless those opportunities have an office down the hall with you in it, I’m not interested,” she says. Oooh, this reeks of desperation. Nolan doesn’t see it, though. He’s in love.

Did anyone notice Conrad’s shorts? Maybe it’s just because I’m used to seeing him in suits, but his legs were kind of distracting (in a good or a bad way, I’m not really sure -- it's late at night). Anyways, the disgraced Ashley turns up to have a pow-wow with Conrad. See, she wants back into the Grayson family. She knows alllll the dirt, so there’s no way for Conrad to keep her out -- or as she put it, “Whilst your family breathes, there will be a demand for my talents.” Yes, she did use the word “whilst.” Fancypants.

Daniel and Emily enjoy a nice dinner of Chinese food together, all watched on a 60-inch plasma by Helen. Side note: Why are they always in the dark at the Initiative? Have they not heard of light bulbs? You’re spying on people from afar! A table lamp won’t kill you. Helen gives Daniel a call and Emily takes the opportunity to invite Helen to her charity auction. What better way to meet your nemesis face-to-face for the first time?

NEXT: What’s the most I’ve ever paid for a bottle of wine? I’ll give you a hint: it was boxed.

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