Revenge recap: No One Man Should Have All That Power

Victoria tries to save Daniel's eternal soul, Emily exacts her revenge on a corrupt judge, and someone ends up in jail
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

PINNED AGAIN Emily is to Nala as Aiden is to Simba.

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Emily confronts Patricia as she getting ready for the benefit. She tells her that she knows how to recognize a woman from an abusive home. After all, she spent years bouncing around the foster system after her father’s death. Emily pulls out the letter and says it was the only thing that kept her going all those years; the only thing that gave her hope. Patricia admits that she wrote the letter, adding that Palmer “wouldn’t have left it unsigned” because “he was brave.” But Patricia was brave too. Emily wants her to channel that bravery again and keep a bad man from the power he so desperately wants. Patricia herself is the only person with the power to do so.

Patricia takes the stage at the benefit to introduce her husband. But instead of doing that, she begins to tell the story of Palmer. He knew the jury was tainted in the David Clarke trial. He wanted to come forward with the info that would result in a mistrial. Barnes tries to stop her from revealing that the verdict rendered was bought and paid for, but Patricia is safe in the spotlight. She confesses she wrote the letter to David Clarke in prison and announces her own husband’s guilt. “The greater the power,” she declares, “the greater the potential for abuse.” Patricia then sheds her jacket, revealing bruises up and down her arms. The crowd gasps and Judge Barnes makes a run for it. I may have my problems with Revenge, but watching that woman expose herself like that was a genuine “I am woman, hear me roar” moment. I approve.

At home, Emily crosses off Barnes from her list. Aiden heads up the stairs, calling that he’s going to take a shower. Daniel chooses this moment to show up on Ems’ porch. He wants Emily to head up Grayson Global’s charitable foundation. Emily says she’ll think about it, but then she catches sight of Victoria watching the two of them from her own porch and changes her mind. “I’m flattered,” she tells Daniel. He apparently takes this as an invitation because he leans in and kisses her. And you know what? She kisses him back. The moment’s bittersweet, though, as Aiden watches from the shadows of Emily’s living room. Well, that leads me to ask the obvious question: are you Team Daniel or Team Aiden? Does Daniel have a shot with Emily at all? Will Aiden double cross Emily to save his sister? What are your predictions for the second half of Season 2? Share them below!

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