Revenge recap: No One Man Should Have All That Power

Victoria tries to save Daniel's eternal soul, Emily exacts her revenge on a corrupt judge, and someone ends up in jail
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

PINNED AGAIN Emily is to Nala as Aiden is to Simba.

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Amanda turns up at Emily’s, where she finds our ninja girl researching Patricia Barnes. The judge’s wife has suffered a broken collarbone and a fractured wrist in the past years, proving Emily’s theory of spousal abuse. She also learns that Patricia once protested apartheid with none other than James Palmer. Emily always thought Palmer had been the one to write the letter, but it appears to have actually been Patricia.

After successfully hacking into Grayson Global, Nolan’s strumming on his tablet, poking around in the company files. There, he discovers video footage from the investment lunch showcasing Helen the Initiative lady making a phone call. His shows the video to Aiden, revealing that he’s enhanced the image enough to see what number she called. The problem is that Nolan can’t read her lips to hear the password she uses. But Aiden can. He dials the number, gives the password, and Helen answers. “I think it’s time we met,” she says.

The Stowaway is raided by the police and a pack of drug-sniffing dogs, but they find nothing, not even when they look in the coffee beans. Curious… Aiden meets up with Helen, who reveals that his sister is actually alive. Uh oh. Do I detect a shift in loyalties? Marco prepares a weird Thanksgiving dinner complete with Japanese flag for Nolan. But our boy’s still ticked off at Marco’s betrayal (and who can blame him?). He tells Marco that he’s fallen for someone else anyways, but Marco says he’ll wait. He then produces a flash drive with a piece of code that Nolan declares “cyber plutonium.” Marco wants Nolan to use it against Grayson Global, but Nolan’s reluctant to use such a dangerous tool. Marco insists that he’s in Nolan’s corner. But if that’s true, then why’d he sell him out in the first place?

At the benefit for the Unjust Verdicts Club (or, you know, something like that), Judge Barnes reveals that his wife has a bit of migraine and that Conrad will have to introduce himself tonight. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Declan are enjoying a pleasant brinner (breakfast for dinner, you like?) on the Amanda when they’re interrupted by the police. The cops raid the Amanda like they did the Stowaway, only here they’re a lot more successful. They arrest Declan, but Jack says the drugs are his and takes the fall. (Side note: didn’t you love how this scene was dubbed over with Conrad’s speech about being falsely accused? Perfection, editors.)

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