Revenge recap: No One Man Should Have All That Power

Victoria tries to save Daniel's eternal soul, Emily exacts her revenge on a corrupt judge, and someone ends up in jail
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

PINNED AGAIN Emily is to Nala as Aiden is to Simba.

Vivian Zink/ABC

Nolan makes his first appearance a good 22 minutes into the hour. Never let this happen again, Revenge writers! Daniel asks Nolan to track down rogue files in the Grayson Global computer system -- he wants to find his father’s secrets. Danny boy lets it slip that Emily and Aiden have broken up and Nolan looks surprisingly thrilled.

Jack wants to send Amanda and Carl to Emily’s. Amanda’s no spring chicken, however -- she grew up around a lot of crappy families. The one thing they all had in common? “They lied to each other.” I’m sorry, I cannot take her seriously when she’s using a fake identity. Pot, meet kettle. Jack, being the kind soul that he is, finally caves and reveals that the Ryans are running drugs out of his bar. He’s reached out for help from an old cop buddy, but he doesn’t want Amanda and Carl anywhere near when everything goes down.

Nolan practically skips on over to Emily’s after hearing about her breakup. “There really wasn’t enough room in your sidecar for both of us,” he drawls happily. That is, until Aiden turns up and gives Ems a kiss. Emily faked her breakup with Aiden in order to get closer to Judge Barnes. This doesn’t quite make sense to me (seeing as Emily had already been invited to dinner with the judge), but E and D fans, you must be thrilled! (Alas, my heart will always belong to the Brit.) Victoria visits Daniel at work and reveals that Emily will be coming dinner “if that helps sway [his decision]” to attend. Oh, it sways it, alright.

Emily shows up at the Graysons and is immediately greeted by Daniel. Give her some breathing room, pal! She apologizes for the scene she made at the restaurant, but Daniel’s all, hey it’s okay, don’t worry… BTWs, I broke up with Ash. Smooth, real smooth. At dinner, Emily mentions James the dead court clerk, testing Barnes’ reaction. But what’s really interesting is his wife’s. “His passion for justice was unparalleled,” Patricia tells Emily. “You knew him too?” she asks. This is where Barnes intervenes, gripping his wife’s hand until her knuckles turn white. We know who has the power -- physical and otherwise -- in this relationship.

NEXT: The woman behind the man.

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