Revenge recap: No One Man Should Have All That Power

Victoria tries to save Daniel's eternal soul, Emily exacts her revenge on a corrupt judge, and someone ends up in jail
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

PINNED AGAIN Emily is to Nala as Aiden is to Simba.

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Aiden reads the mysterious letter about the tainted David Clarke jury, courtesy of Emily’s box of secrets. Emily suspects it was sent by James Palmer, a court clerk for (all together now) Judge Barnes -- the very man visiting the Graysons! Palmer was killed three days after the trial, indicating Barnes’ likely involvement in the plot against David. Emily hopes to use Barnes’ visit to position herself close enough to the judge to get her revenge.

Victoria invites Ems over for some bonding. “I do apologize for interrupting the evening with your new paramour.” The woman seriously abuses the power of that porch. Victoria tells Emily that Daniel’s been on a downward spiral ever since their engagement ended. He’s become “petulant” (agreed) and “angry” (agreed again). “You still have the power to reach him,” she says to Emily. “I’m of the opinion that my son is very much in love with you.” Victoria hopes that if Ems spends some time with Daniel, she will remind him of the man he used to be. Emily agrees and the two shake hands. I enjoy seeing them on the same side, do you? As Emily is leaving, Victoria introduces her to Patricia and Judge Barnes. I don’t know if it was just me, but I was definitely getting a weirdly sexual vibe from Barnes to Emily. Ew. Victoria tells Emily that she’ll see her at dinner that night adding (oh so subtly) that Daniel will be there as well.

Charlotte tells Declan she thinks her parents should pay for Amanda and Jack’s wedding, but he’s not paying attention. The Ryan Bros are up to something and he wants Charlotte to stall while he digs through the coffee beans in the back of the bar. Charlotte, putting her wide-eyed innocence to use, asks Nate all about his time in prison. He gladly shares, but quickly becomes suspicious of Declan’s absence. Meanwhile, Declan, who uncovered a bag of drugs (the tiniest bag imaginable -- how could the Ryans possibly be profiting?) in the coffee beans, hurriedly tries to pick up all the spilled beans before one of the Ryans notices what he’s been doing. He misses a bean, though, and Nate steps on it, immediately figuring out what Declan was up to.

Aiden turns up at Grayson Global to meet with Daniel, but the CEO is out to lunch. Aiden cons the secretary into telling him where Daniel went, and together he and Emily head over to the restaurant to stage a (as Nolan so eloquently put it later) “fakeup.” Daniel falls for it, hook, line, sinker. He’s clearly thrilled that his former fiancée is back on the market, and he makes no show of hiding his affections. Emily walks off looking smug. Mission: a success.

NEXT: Nolan, how I have missed thee

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