Revenge season finale recap: Death in the Hamptons

All hell breaks loose as a certain homicidal stripper returns, a truth about Emily's parentage is revealed, and possibly three major characters die.
Ep. 22 | Aired May 23, 2012

HAMPTONITES IN CHAINS! And this is one of the less shocking images from the season finale. 

Eric McCandless/ABC

Emily watched the White-Haired Man visit Conrad and tell him that he hadn’t stolen the evidence. To her astonishment, WHM didn’t reveal how Daniel’s fiancée is actually the daughter of their fall guy. I mean, why exactly? Maybe it's that the terrorist group behind the downing of that plane in the ‘90s, the Americon Initiative, didn’t find Emily's threat to be all that pressing after all. Or they've found that her agenda and theirs are one and the same. It could very well be the latter, because during his conversation WHM even picked up the picture of Daniel and Emily, the one with the hidden camera in it, and winked into it, to show he knew he was being watched.

Victoria and Lydia prepared to fly to D.C. to testify. The former Grayson matriarch's desire to reclaim her soul is all well and good, but, that said, getting in one last dig at Emily is even better. She came over to her house to offer her condolences for the breakup and finally have Emily open her engagement present. What was inside? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It amounted to as much as Emily and Daniel’s relationship, Victoria said. Basically, there was no way Victoria could top herself in the Bitchery Department after this, so there was only one thing left for her to do: die.

With the Graysons ruined, her father about to be exonerated, and now having received some satisfaction from the White-Haired Man, it was time for Emily to return to Jack. If ever there was a moment to reveal her true identity and profess her love to him, this was it. But no sooner had she walked in the door of the Stowaway to return Sammy’s collar, who should pop up but Fauxmanda herself. And she was pregnant, no less. With Jack’s baby.

Takeda must have felt Fauxmanda had served her purpose, so he sent her back out into the world. Maybe it’s because now he knew Emily had become emotionally involved with Jack and, just as he framed the Grayson scion when he thought she’d gotten too close to Daniel, now he’d unleash Fauxmanda to get Jack out of the picture. And just after Sammy had brought Emily and Jack together through his death! I think Gabriel Mann spoke for all of us last night during our live chat when we first saw Fauxmanda with her massive baby bump: “Always use protection, guys.”

NEXT: Farewell, Victoria. 

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