Revenge season finale recap: Death in the Hamptons

All hell breaks loose as a certain homicidal stripper returns, a truth about Emily's parentage is revealed, and possibly three major characters die.
Ep. 22 | Aired May 23, 2012

HAMPTONITES IN CHAINS! And this is one of the less shocking images from the season finale. 

Eric McCandless/ABC

Speaking of the proverbial apple not falling far from the tree, Charlotte continued her clandestine attempt to undermine Declan’s blossoming relationship with Yonkers Girl, who I hear prefers to be called Jaime. After some half-hearted attempt at extending an olive branch by telling them that their teacher Mr. Hibberd might understand about their late project if they tell him they suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder—an ailment the teach suffers from himself—she put on an absurdly velvet-voiced Victoria impression to hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on her competition. Turns out Yonkers Girl had an affair with her old history teacher. An affair that was well-documented in photos, all the better for Charlotte to destroy her online. Somehow Declan knew immediately Charlotte was behind it, so he told her that he’d lowered himself by being with her and that he would never speak to her again. Worst of all, he called Charlotte “her mother’s daughter.” That’s gotta hurt. And it’s pretty unjustified. Yes, Charlotte committed a pretty serious case of cyberbullying. But is that really any worse than Declan lying under oath to deny that he saw his brother on the beach the night of Tyler’s murder? That was a move that could have sent Charlotte’s brother to jail for the rest of his life. Not to mention that he also exposed her to be a pillhead not just to her school friends—like Charlotte’s prank—but to a courtroom and the tabloid press. And Declan feels like he can judge his ex? Damn you, wharf rat. Damn you.

The funny thing about that insult was that Victoria has slowly been trying to reclaim her soul these past few episodes and make amends for her many crimes. With hindsight, her rekindled relationship with Dominic Wright actually does make sense. It was the kind of purely genuine, emotional connection that she’d never had with Conrad, and that Conrad had now deemed forbidden once again. As painful as the ruination of the family would be for her children, it was better for them to face their own horrible history than continue to live in blissful ignorance. And when Agent McGowan called her to say that Conrad had likely ordered David Clarke’s death in prison, the horror and self-loathing in her eyes as she stared off in realization conveyed that she was now willing to do whatever she could to atone for her crimes…even if it meant giving up her life.

When Daniel tried to talk her out of testifying before a Grand Jury in Washington D.C., she told her son that Conrad had even had David Clarke murdered. His response? “Well, he must have had a damn good reason.” A true Grayson indeed. She hoped to find an ally elsewhere--In Lydia Davis, no less. Sure, she had taken up with Conrad again, but if he were to lose money and become a fugitive, Lydia would find testifying against him to be preferable to fidelity, now wouldn’t she? Needless to say, it didn’t take much cajoling by Victoria for her to see the light.

NEXT: Before taking her flight into history,Victoria has one last incredibly hateful gift for Emily. Plus, a certain homicidal stripper returns!

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