Revenge recap: High Fidelity

Nolan becomes the center of a love triangle, Daniel stages a coup, and Jack discovers his father's shady past.
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 2, 2012

DELIVER US FROM EVIL Emily and Nolan plot their next move between canapes and cocktails at her godson's christening.

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Aiden tells Emily that it’s official -- Daniel is the new CEO. And to think six years ago he just wanted to write poetry! Daniel pulls Aiden aside, where he informs him that, alas, there will be no board position. The poor lost poet is becoming a right businessman of Conrad caliber, he is. Meanwhile, Nolan phones Jack to tell him that Nate and Kenny are bad news. Before Jack can do anything about it, Charlotte bursts into the bar screaming about Duncan. Jack rushes to help, but he’s too late. Duncan admits he killed Joe and that he hid the murder weapon on the Amanda. Later, the Ryan brothers turn up at the bar to ask what happened to Duncan. The whole scene is awkwardly threatening and I can’t help but wonder why they blew their cover with Jack so soon. I mean, he had no proof that the Ryans were bad. Nate tosses down Carl’s old black book on the bartop, which reveals that Duncan paid a debt to Jack’s father. Uh oh. And now you have a baby named after a potential accessory to murder.

Padma admits to Nolan that she feels responsible for the loss of the company, but he says he has a contingency plan. Marco shows up and Nolan reveals that his old flame wants his old job back. But what does this mean for Padma? Meanwhile, Jack digs up the floorboards on his boat (how’d he know exactly where to look?) and finds the missing gun. Looks like Dad was no hero.

At the Graysons, Daniel is deleting every picture he has of Ashley (how moody, Daniel), but it turns out he’s kept the ones of Ems all this time. Romantic, I suppose. If I didn’t hate him right now.

Aiden and Emily are enjoying some “What if we were normal people” time when Victoria calls. She wants help to protect Daniel. But is he in too deep? The Initiative has already planted a camera in his office -- and a plan is already in motion. But what is it? We won’t know until January.

What did you think of this episode, readers? Honestly, for an episode titled “Revelations,” there seemed to be surprisingly few. We just got more questions. And I’m not sure I’m on board with this whole Initiative thing. They’re becoming almost comical, like the SPECTRE organization in the Bond movies. Do they actually have a plan? They must, but for the life of me, I can’t possibly imagine what it is. What are your thoughts? And what will you be doing with your Sunday nights from now on?

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