Revenge recap: High Fidelity

Nolan becomes the center of a love triangle, Daniel stages a coup, and Jack discovers his father's shady past.
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 2, 2012

DELIVER US FROM EVIL Emily and Nolan plot their next move between canapes and cocktails at her godson's christening.

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Aiden makes some excuse for inviting Daniel over -- he says he’s hurt by being left out of the final negotiations and asks what prompted the sudden change of heart. Daniel admits that Ash may have had something to do with it and Aiden asks how he can possibly trust someone who’d betray him, directing the poor cuckold to a room upstairs, where Ash is, erm, hot-tubbing (or something that requires bathrobes) with Salvador. To Daniel’s credit (or cold-hearted shame?), he doesn’t hesitate. He whips out his phone, snaps a shot of Salvador and Ashley, and uses it to blackmail Salvador’s vote. (Salvador’s got a wife who wouldn’t be too pleased to see that he’s taken up with one of the exotic ladies.) Ems hears it all from Aiden, and you can practically see her tapping her fingers together Mr. Burns-style. It’s cold, even for her.

At the vote, Victoria and Conrad make one last attempt to keep Daniel from seizing power by telling Daniel that they made Ashley do what she did. Needless to say, Daniel does not handle this well. Even when Victoria tells him, “Winning that vote will put you in unspeakable danger,” he barely listens. He asks Victoria what she means, but of course she can’t say because heaven forbid the Initiative find out. Look, I know the Initiative is supposed to be this big, powerful entity, but I honestly couldn’t be less intimidated by them. And don’t get me started on the “I’ve got a secret I can’t tell you” plot line. Just tell him! Is it so much worse than letting Daniel win the vote? He’ll be in danger either way, right? So let him know some shady organization is out to get him, rather than just asking him to trust you.

Turns out Declan’s been living on the Amanda all this time! Maybe he’s the body at the bottom of the ocean (I wish). Duncan turns up at the boat, but he’s distracted by a Ryan bro. He wanders off down the dock, where Nate and Kenny corner him. Bad choice, Duncan. Should’ve tried to get the gun you stashed on board the Amanda any other time in the past six years. I mean, where was he all this time?

NEXT: Bet Jack wishes he hadn’t named his baby after his father.

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