Revenge recap: High Fidelity

Nolan becomes the center of a love triangle, Daniel stages a coup, and Jack discovers his father's shady past.
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 2, 2012

DELIVER US FROM EVIL Emily and Nolan plot their next move between canapes and cocktails at her godson's christening.

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Despite Conrad’s best efforts, Salvador has not been persuaded to invest in Conrad. “He’s going with Daniel,” Conrad tells Victoria. She couldn’t care less, thrusting out her phone and showing him the video she received earlier that day. “Sex with your son’s girlfriend? Really, Conrad?” she asks. “What are you saying, fidelity’s one of your strong points?” he shoots back. Ha! Of course, the Graysons suspect the Initiative of sending the video -- what better way to divide their united front? Victoria agrees -- reluctantly -- to put aside her differences with Conrad in order to protect Daniel.

At The Stowaway, the post-christening party is in full swing. Charlotte makes a rousing speech about knowing good parents when she sees them -- mostly because hers are so terrible. Emily tries to make an early escape after Aiden calls her, but Amanda stops her as she leaves the bar. Amanda wants Ems to give up her quest for revenge. “When will enough be enough?” she asks. I wonder that myself. I’m curious to see what later seasons of Revenge will look like, assuming it stays on the air that long. Personally, I’m pulling for someone to come after Emily. But I digress.

Victoria’s on the warpath. She confronts Ashley with the video and Ash immediately dissolves into tears, insisting she loves Daniel and would do anything to put her indiscretion right. “I’m counting it,” Victoria answers. Why would you ever offer to do anything for a Grayson? Talk about a deal with the devil. Victoria decides to take advantage of Ashley’s experience as a high-priced call girl and sends her to Salvador’s bed to see if she can’t “negotiate” an investment on Conrad’s behalf. I feel slightly sick.

Of course, this development upsets Aiden and Emily’s plans, so while Ashley heads to meet Salvador, Aiden gives Daniel a call and tells him to meet him at the very same hotel where Salvador is staying. Back at the bar, Nolan is indulging in some well-deserved alcohol when Jack asks him for help. He’d like Nolan to use his considerable tech skills to look into the Ryan bros. Nolan vows he will, but the two are interrupted by Marco. How in the world did he get into a private party? Can complete strangers attend this post-christening? Marco can’t believe Amanda Clarke is living in such squalor (hey, they cleaned up the mold!) when she has millions of dollars. He has no idea that the real Amanda has been happily rolling in that dough for years, so he threatens to expose Nolan’s “deceit” if he isn’t given his job back. Poor Padma…

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