Revenge recap: High Fidelity

Nolan becomes the center of a love triangle, Daniel stages a coup, and Jack discovers his father's shady past.
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 2, 2012

DELIVER US FROM EVIL Emily and Nolan plot their next move between canapes and cocktails at her godson's christening.

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Daniel and Salvador’s chumminess isn’t all Conrad has to worry about. The Initiative is back and they’re threatening Daniel. Victoria puts on a good show, screaming at the Initiative lady on the phone, but Helen (whose name I had to look up on IMDb) knows she’s got Conrad eating out of her palm.

The next day (I guess? I hope they didn’t go back to work after a morning of skeet shooting.), Padma and Nolan turn up at Grayson Global to meet Daniel. Nolan’s hesitant to discuss business sans Aiden, but when Daniel produces Nolan’s old flame Marco, Nolan quickly becomes amenable, sending Padma on her way. Yeah, I can see how that would be awkward. At least Marco has the gall to look guilty for betraying his old love. Still, it doesn’t help Nolan, who’s blackmailed into giving up the controlling interest in Nolcorp so as to escape a criminal investigation for the missing money. Nolan tosses out this parting barb: “Well played, boss.”

Ashley, using those womanly wiles she picked up in her days as a call girl, convinces Daniel to cut Aiden out of the deal, at least until he’s been properly vetted. Of course, Aiden witnesses it all (appropriately dubbing her Lady Macbeth) via the zillion cameras stationed throughout the Graysons'. He’s not sure how he can discredit Ashley, but then Emily presents him with a steamy video documenting Ash’s hookup with Conrad. Well, that would do it. Nolan arranges for the video to be sent anonymously to Victoria, who is a little too shocked by it. I mean, Conrad and Ashley have been quite close this season. What did she think was happening?

Meanwhile, Emily takes time off her plotting to go to little Carl’s christening. During a long spiel about protecting the baby from evil (Emily is Carl’s godmother, after all), Nolan looks distinctly uncomfortable -- if there’s anyone involved in evil, it’s Ems. As Jack and Amanda watch the baptism, Emily looks on wistfully. Seems someone wishes she was normal. From the back of the church, the Ryan brothers also watch the proceedings. At the end of the ceremony, Matt Duncan, the man we know shot the Ryan brothers’ father, congratulates Jack on the baby, then advises him to get out of his deal with the Ryans. They’re only bad news.

NEXT: The Graysons lecture each other on fidelity.

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