Revenge recap: Falcon Down

The Graysons prepare for an interview with Nightline, while Emily and Nolan team up to take down the Fa1c0n
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 28, 2013

SOMETHING BLUE Emily prepares to crash Daniel's interview. Little does she know of the surprise he has in store for her.


Emily and Nolan are celebrating their successful revenge ploy. Nolan tells her to cross the Fa1c0n off for what she did to her father, but Ems insists that Nolan do the honors, sending him his own picture to red Sharpie. “To Padma,” she says. “And David,” he answers, X-ing the Fa1c0n out. Daniel interrupts the moment by turning up at the house with a ring. That’s right, he’s proposing all over again. Because that ended so well the first time. “The only thing keeping us from being together is you,” he tells her, handing her back her ring. Kinda presumptuous, buddy.

Much as I’m not a fan of these two rekindling their relationship, the return of the ring led to one of my favorite moments on the series: Emily’s conversation with Aiden. “As much as I hate to say it, shouldn’t you be with Daniel right now?” he asks her (while shirtless). She shows him the ring, seeking permission. “When it’s over, then what?” he asks. “I can be with you,” she replies softly. He takes Daniel’s ring and gently slides it onto her finger. “Then marry the son of a bitch.” I’m not ashamed to say I burst into full-on tears here. The fact that Aiden will wait for her, even if it means watching her wed another man, is incredibly romantic. And tragic. It can’t end well for these two, but I want it to.

Declan, still struggling with his essay, receives a mysterious email complete with a picture of Charlotte making out with another girl. How she thought that could have possibly ended any differently baffles me. But of course this isn’t even the episode’s big surprise. Nolan, having way too much fun doodling on the Fa1c0n’s face, is interrupted by a visit from none other than Victoria herself. The woman’s in need of a new hacker, and she knows just where to find him. She’ll reinstate Nolan as the sole owner of Nolcorp, but for a price: “Help me find my firstborn son,” she asks.

And that is it for this week! What are your thoughts on “Identity”? Do you want to see Nolan team up with Victoria? Are you happy we’ll be hearing wedding bells for Daniel and Emily? What could Takeda be up to? And can you believe we made it through an episode of Revenge without mention of the Initiative? It’s almost like the good ol’ days.

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