Revenge recap: Falcon Down

The Graysons prepare for an interview with Nightline, while Emily and Nolan team up to take down the Fa1c0n
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 28, 2013

SOMETHING BLUE Emily prepares to crash Daniel's interview. Little does she know of the surprise he has in store for her.


Jack’s speculating on what Conrad’s doing with Alison Stoddard, the Governor’s wife. He doesn’t think he’s having an affair, wondering if Alison’s even his type. “She’s a woman,” quips Ashley. If only she could get five minutes with Conrad, she’d be able to glean what he’s up to. But alas, she’s not in his inner circle anymore.

After receiving the threatening email stamped “Forgery,” Victoria’s panicking. She calls the Fa1c0n again, but the hacker insists her secret is safe. If only she knew… Victoria flashbacks once again to her days in the park, where we learn that she received a scholarship to study art in Paris. The only problem? Patrick.

Emily makes it to the interview, where she’s asked to join Daniel. She gladly agrees -- not realizing the bombshell Daniel’s planning on dropping on her. Juju Chang, playing herself, inquires about potential wedding bells in the couple’s future, telling Emily that when she asked Daniel, he referred her to Ems. There’s a long pause, but then Emily makes eye contact with Victoria and answers: “I can’t imagine an honor greater than joining the Grayson family.” Jack, watching from the wings, looks disgusted. He storms out, but Emily refuses to let it go at that. She calls him, trying to explain, and he hangs up on her. I fear for Jack’s future. Initially I liked this darker version of the character, but he seems all too consumed with revenge these days. Understandably so, I suppose, but still… Meanwhile, Nolan’s plan to trap the Fa1c0n worked. Thanks to her (rather stupidly) opening that flash drive (and a well-timed call to the cops, complete with Emily's photographs from the arcade), the Fa1c0n (alias Edith Lee) is now officially in FBI custody.

Declan’s trying to write his essay for NYU, but he’s only gotten as far as three words: “An NYU alum.” Strong start. He gives Charlotte a call asking where she’s at, but she hangs up on him, saying she’ll phone him tomorrow. She then follows her new BFFL Regina out into a club, where the two pose for pictures in front of the paparazzi. And by pose, I mean make out furiously.

It’s time for Victoria and Conrad’s joint interview. Thanks to Nolan’s meddling, Juju received a tip on V’s teen pregnancy. Conrad immediately produces the documents proving Victoria had an abortion, but Juju can’t be bothered to read them. Instead she asks Victoria about Patrick, the six-month-old infant she abandoned for art school in France. Victoria freezes, then delivers the simple truth: “The story is true.” Props to Madeleine Stowe for this moment. Her face nearly brought me to tears. And that wasn't even the most emotional moment of the episode (at least in my eyes).

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