Revenge recap: Falcon Down

The Graysons prepare for an interview with Nightline, while Emily and Nolan team up to take down the Fa1c0n
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 28, 2013

SOMETHING BLUE Emily prepares to crash Daniel's interview. Little does she know of the surprise he has in store for her.


Nolan heads to the arcade to meet up with the Fa1c0n, who turns out to be… a girl! Bombshell! Not. Is it really that unexpected that a master hacker could possibly be a woman? This reveal just felt sloppy to me. What’d you think?

Nolan tells the Fa1c0n he wants her to erase a number of incriminating things about his past. He’d do it himself, but he’s being watched like a hawk. “Thanks to you, I’m currently the prime suspect in the murder of my girlfriend,” Nolan tells her. She wants to pass, but Nolan convinces her to play him for the job (and consequently afford Emily plenty of time to take some incriminating pictures). Let the video game wars begin!

Jack is in full 007 mode, filming Conrad at one of his “tax meetings,” which are in fact a front for his covert encounters with the Governor’s wife, or, as I like to think of her, Nan Flanagan from True Blood. Conrad, you animal! Jack takes a couple of pics, then slinks off, somersaulting between cars (not really).

Nolan and the Fa1c0n are engaged in mortal combat over a video game. The Fa1c0n is winning. “The only existence that matters is online,” she tells him. Working for bad people doesn’t faze her. But emotion is powerful too. “Caring for someone doesn’t make you weak,” Nolan shoots back, tears in his eyes. “It makes you stronger.” He wins the game and gets her to take his flash drive full of data to erase.

Charlotte’s all dolled up for her outing in New York (Declan who?), but she’s stopped by her mother before she can make it out the door. Charlotte wants to leave before Conrad can pull her into his interview, but Victoria’s insistent that he’s gone and she’s home free. She’s wrong. Conrad shows up, TV crew in tow, and Charlotte makes a break for it. Victoria didn’t want to come to the interview, so Conrad brought the interview to Victoria. Classy man, her husband. She handles the cameras like a pro, smiling wide, even though we know she’s seething. “Never fear, Conrad,” she tells him. “I’ll assist you in your rise to power.”

Takeda is disappointed in his revenge prodigies. “More emotions. More mistakes,” he tells Aiden. Takeda’s not happy with Aiden’s relationship with Emily. She’s losing sight of her goal. “I killed the man who murdered my sister,” Aiden answers. “It gave me no peace.” Aiden’s all for bringing this revenge ploy to a quick close -- with no more casualties. Takeda, however…

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