Revenge recap: Falcon Down

The Graysons prepare for an interview with Nightline, while Emily and Nolan team up to take down the Fa1c0n
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 28, 2013

SOMETHING BLUE Emily prepares to crash Daniel's interview. Little does she know of the surprise he has in store for her.


In the first of a number of emotionally jarring moments, we see Victoria looking at a picture of Daniel wistfully, leading us into a flashback of her days with her first son, Patrick. A young Victoria sits in the park with a pram, where she chats with the Dean of Admissions of the New York Art Academy Library. I love the moments when we see these tender sides to her. The dichotomy between who she was (even after all the abuse) and the cold woman she’s become is positively heartbreaking. Victoria’s jolted out of her reverie by an email alert -- it’s the very medical records she presented Conrad with that morning, only they’re stamped “Forgery.” Someone’s in on her secret. Victoria’s irate -- she calls the Fa1c0n demanding to know the source of the leak. And that’s a bingo for Nolan and Emily.

Emily stops in to visit Jack, but of course he still wants nothing to do with her (she really needs to learn to give him some space). Ems insists she just wants to check on her godson, but Jack doesn’t need her. He’s got the hot chocolate-bearing Ashley to see to all his son’s worldly needs. Mostly he’s just angry she’s back together with Daniel, but what is Jack not angry about these days? Someone needs some therapy: Jack’s starting to look downright evil.

Charlotte is trying to convince Declan he can get into Harvard. “Your grades won’t matter if you get killer SAT scores,” she tells him. Um, that is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. Everyone who applies to Harvard has killer SAT scores and killer grades. Declan doesn’t stand a chance. (Though he does have that weird single parent thing going for him. If that doesn’t make a killer admissions essay, I’m not sure what does.) Charlotte promises she’ll drop by that night to help Declan out with his essay. Unfortunately for Declan, Charlotte makes a friend between third and fourth period and wisely decides to head into NYC with her. Because skipping class is the first thing that’s going to get you into Harvard.

Nolan’s still broken up about the loss of Padma, confessing that he catches himself IM-ing her sometimes. I didn’t like Padma (hated her, in fact), but this painful admission really gets right at the heart of loss. “The loss never really goes away, but taking action helps with the pain,” Emily consoles him. Nolan’s computer dings, indicating someone (i.e. the Fa1c0n) has just accessed Victoria’s medical records. Nolan messages the Fa1c0n, who sets a time and a place for them to meet.

Takeda visits Daniel at Grayson Global for a chat about Aiden’s poor investment decisions. Aiden unwittingly interrupts the meeting, shocked to see Takeda there. The two converse about revenge in Japanese before the oblivious Daniel. “I am here to clean up your mess,” Takeda informs Aiden. Dum, dum, dumm.

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