Revenge season premiere recap: On the Warpath

Emily returns from her scary Japanese training just in time for another Hamptons summer -- and guess who's still alive?
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 30, 2012

TIME TO REFLECT Ninja Emily calculates her next move.


Victoria is alive! Charlotte knew all along and she gives Emily her address. Victoria is apparently in a witness protection program while they build a case against Conrad. Victoria tells Emily that Charlotte’s stint in rehab is a conspiracy to keep her locked up and that Dr. Thomas is likely in cahoots with Conrad. A cutaway scene tells us as much -- Conrad needs to get his hands on Charlotte’s inheritance to save the company.

Emily steals a shell from Victoria’s house and gets Nolan to rig it with a camera. While he sets up the “clam cam,” Emily has a heart to heart with Jack on the porch. They haven’t spoken since their kiss. Jack assures Emily he had no idea Amanda would be coming back with a bun in the oven. Though he clearly has feelings for Ems, he tells her he won’t leave his baby behind and Emily says she doesn’t want him to. Still, Emily’s the voice of reason when she asks what we’ve all been wondering: “Are you sure the baby’s yours?”

Emily goes back to visit Victoria with proof that their suspicions about Dr. Thomas are correct. Emily’s a little too kind, so Victoria realizes that something’s fishy. Whether she knows that that something fishy is a literal clam cam in her government-funded safe house is another question.

Jack confronts Amanda about the baby, asking her what happened last summer after she left. Amanda’s offended that he doesn’t think the baby’s his, but when we see her laying in bed later that night, eyes wide with guilt, we have to wonder if Emily is right. Meanwhile, Daniel is drinking on the porch again. Ashley tries to comfort him, saying that Charlotte’s outburst at the memorial was a pack of lies, but Daniel knows better. At the rehab facility, Charlotte’s had her secret phone confiscated, so now she’s well and truly cut off from the world.

On her own porch, Emily fingers the infinity symbol in the cuff she pilfered from the Angel of Mercy hospital. Nolan’s inside the house watching the camera. So far he’s gotten nothing, but the moment Emily plops down on the couch beside him, Victoria gets a visit from her hitman. First Emily’s father, then her mother, and now Emily. Victoria tells the hitman to eliminate the liability. “As you wish,” the hitman says, making a terrible mockery of the classic line from The Princess Bride. Emily’s not worried though. “Let them come,” she says.

We’re off, Revenge fans! Are you excited by the larger scope of the show? Personally, I can’t wait to see more of the Hamptons’ best roommates. Now that Nolan’s living with Emily, we’ll just get to hear his snark that much more. Why didn’t he move in sooner?

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