Revenge season premiere recap: On the Warpath

Emily returns from her scary Japanese training just in time for another Hamptons summer -- and guess who's still alive?
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 30, 2012

TIME TO REFLECT Ninja Emily calculates her next move.


Emily wonders if her mother was kidnapped by the Graysons, specifically by Victoria. Nolan’s skeptical, though. “And risk getting her manicured talons dirty? Not her style.” Nolan goes to call on Jack while Emily speaks to Amanda. Emily tells Amanda that she needs to leave, but Amanda’s ready to make a home with Jack and she’s not going anywhere. Emily threatens to out her, but Jack comes into the room at that very moment. The love in his eyes for Emily is clear, but with his (supposed) baby mama in the room, he can’t do anything about it. Instead of telling poor Jack the truth, she says Amanda has made her the godmother to his unborn child. This man is being played left and right by the women in his life. We cut to Aiden and Takeda on a rock overlooking the sea. Aiden doesn’t want Emily to make the same mistake he did, so he tells Takeda he’s going after her.

Finally, we reach the memorial for Victoria. Daniel’s drinking (again), so Conrad tries to take advantage and makes a grab for his son’s trust fund once more. Daniel doesn’t care about the company, though, and he makes that abundantly clear. Nolan and Emily arrive together and survey the giant picture of Victoria. “You think she’s somewhere looking up at us?” Nolan asks. Emily encounters Daniel and Ashley, which is awkward to say the least. Nolan saves the day with cosmos.

At the bar, Amanda is braving asbestos to talk some sense into Jack. “The baby’s going to need stability,” she says. This coming from a woman pretending to be someone else. Meanwhile, Declan lectures Jack (again) that he needs to tell Amanda that he’s not in love with her. Jack can only get better if he admits he’s unhappy.

Ashley pays tribute to Victoria at the memorial, but it’s all too fake for Charlotte, who’s out of rehab with her shady sober coach. She takes the mic to praise her mother, something Conrad won’t stand for. Dr. Thomas interrupts Charlotte’s speech to tell her she tested positive for drugs and that she’s going back to rehab. Charlotte screams she’s innocent, then grabs Emily to whisper something in her ear before she’s dragged away to the hellhole that is her chandelier-decorated rehab. What was it?

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