Revenge season premiere recap: On the Warpath

Emily returns from her scary Japanese training just in time for another Hamptons summer -- and guess who's still alive?
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 30, 2012

TIME TO REFLECT Ninja Emily calculates her next move.


And we’re back to Emily, still tied to her pole. As we watch, a vision comes to her. She’s younger, a child playing in the sea with a mother who loves her. It’s here I know we’re not back to the cool and logical Emily Thorne. No, that look in her eyes when she sees her mother is pure love. The vision in the ocean dissolves to a hospital, the last place she ever saw her mother. She reaches for her bedridden mother and -- Aiden unties her from the pole and drags her up for air. Emily rages at him, claiming she was about to unlock her memories, but at what cost? She nearly drowned. Takeda tells her that he won’t train her if she’s obsessed by her mother, and Emily snaps, “Dead or alive, I’m going to find out what happened to her. And when I do, God help the people who kept me from her. And that includes you.” Emily’s done with school and she’s heading back to the big leagues. How sweet it is.

So where’s Nolan been in all this? Since the attack, he’s decided to get into the best shape possible, specifically by boxing. Given that this includes a nice sequence of Gabriel Mann shirtless, I am not complaining. Emily turns up outside the ring where he’s practicing and we’re told it’s been eight weeks since the two last saw each other. Yet, it’s like it’s been no time at all for Nolan and Emily -- when she informs him of her new plan, he’s in. They head back to her house to research the hospital that Emily saw in her underwater hallucination and Nolan casually mentions that he has no home to speak of. Emily says she has no desire to move in with him, but he’s confident he’ll wear her down. He needs her. And, if she were being honest with herself, she’d see that she needs him too.

At the bar, Jack has failed the health inspection due to water damage. Declan gives him yet another lecture -- I know Jack is kind of a killjoy right now, but I really can’t stand listening to him get nagged by Serena’s brother on Gossip Girl. Elsewhere, Ashley is organizing the memorial. She asks Conrad if he’d like to speak, but he tells her he doesn’t speak ill of the dead in public. Conrad finds Daniel day-drinking and informs him that he’s a chip off the old block. He then asks for his son’s trust fund. He wants Daniel to invest it in the company to send the message to the community that he’s willing to bet on his family. Daniel’s reluctant, though.

Nolan and Emily have found the hospital Emily saw in her vision. It’s called the Angel of Mercy (ha, ha Revenge, I see what you did there) and apparently it has been perfectly preserved in a state of abandonment since Emily’s mother was last there. The sheets on her mom’s bed are still rumpled, for heaven’s sake. Surely someone would have appropriated this eyesore. “All that’s missing are flesh-eating zombies,” Nolan remarks. He’s a Walking Dead fan! Emily pulls back the sheets on her mother’s old bed to find the restraints that held her there. She wasn’t just in a hospital, she was in a psych ward, and carved on the leather cuff is an infinity sign. Nolan finds a ledger that says Emily’s Aunt Charlotte was one of the last to visit her mother, but Emily tells him Charlotte was already an invalid by that time. No, Miss Charlotte was in fact one Victoria Grayson. Nolan: “Séance, anyone?”

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