The Real Housewives of New York City recap: Reunion Part 1 (Lower your expectations 3 degrees)

At the low-key Reunion, Aviva apologizes for her behavior; Ramona and Sonja look unmoved.
Ep. 19 | Aired Oct 8, 2012

THE NEW GIRLS Which of these three women will return next year?


And, finally we got to the subject of St. Barths, where the only real action all season took place. Andy ran a very damning clip of Aviva lighting into Ramona and Sonja and then smirking about her supposed apology for calling them white trash. "That's what Rush Limbaugh said when he called someone a whore," she said, with a cold little sneer.  Carole did not approve. Aviva tried to back pedal on the whole mess with a thorough, prepared line of contrition. "I do not have the monopoly on pain and loss and my problems are no worse than anybody else's and I threw that onto you and I apologize. And if you don't find it in your hearts to accept my apology then I understand it." Sonja called bulls---. If Aviva was so sorry, she wondered, why has she been trashing them in the press and Twitter and her blogs for the last few months. Aviva, determined not to go off message, insisted that she wanted a resolution. She was just a girl sitting on a banquette asking a couple of Housewives to forgive her. "When I say I'm sorry not only do I say it with words but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will never happen again." That last line didn't really track, now did it?

Ramona had heard enough. Aviva went after again and again and again....and again!....all season long. "How about I don't make friends easily?" she whined. "I have this tough exterior...." She kept talking but by this point Sonja had started talking over her about how it's true, Ramona seems like she has thick skin, but... Finally, finally!, either Ramona or Sonja cut to the quick. "You only turned yourself when the viewers went against you," they accused Aviva. Andy, if ever there was time for a follow-up question. Two follow-up questions! Somehow Aviva skirted that doozy, which should have been the central question of the entire hour. "I can't live through this again," sighed Ramona. "I have no problem going again," said Sonja.

In conclusion, and in a pretty good line, Ramona shut it down: "I have no ill will toward you, I only wish you the best. I just think you need a different therapist."

Next week: "He called me a trailer turd!"

Well guys: A tepid reunion to cap off a tepid season? Did Aviva win you over? Do you believe she's genuinely sorry for her behavior, or just sorry about the way it was received by the viewers? Who looked pretty?

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